Masaba Masaba Review: Neena Gupta Is Our Showstopper As Her Daughter Owns Her Fashion Empire!
Masaba Masaba Review: Neena Gupta Is Our Showstopper As Her Daughter Owns Her Fashion Empire!

Masaba Masaba Review: It’s all about wake up to dress up! Sounds really fun and quirky, doesn’t it? But it’s a hell lot of pain behind the scenes. One step wrong and it’s a no show. But Masaba Gupta is a winner and her journey? Truly worth a binge.

Cast: Masaba Gupta, Neena Gupta, Neil Bhoopalam, Rytasha Rathore, Smaran Sahu, Satyadeep Misra, Pooja Bedi

Director: Sonam Nair

Available On: Netflix

Masaba Masaba: What Is It About?

Masaba Gupta, a reputed fashion designer is giving an insight into her own life. From the professional mess to the personal hardships – out there in the open. It’s not all starry and simple, but what it is, is worth all of it. Plus there’s veteran actress and hot momma, Neena Gupta, who’s in her late 50s. But the zeal to be a successful actress is as strong till date. Just like every other struggling actor, her tough times is literally a tale to be heard. #Lifegoals.

Masaba Masaba: What’s Good?

May sound feminist, but it’s always a ‘Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner’ when it’s a female-dominated project (not just in terms of the cast). We’ve seen this in terms of Shakuntala Devi, Four More Shots Please! and many more. The feelings are just as mutual, and it’s visible that the director-actors are on the same page.

Masaba Gupta is raw and she’s real. Whether it’s about her divorce or just a fling, she’s not denying the fact that she’s done it all. Even when it comes to her career, there are days when she’s all pumped up and those where she’s just procrastinating. Relatable AF! She’s been through some major ups and downs, but life is all about it. All of that has been portrayed beautifully.

Neena Gupta is the showstopper for me, undoubtedly. She would light up the screen every time she’s in the frame. The series has dived into some of her heart-breaking points – struggling to find work at 50, calling directors up front and not being signed with false promises. But she’s overcome it and we need to see how. Badhaai Ho for another kickass portrayal!

If the series manages to attract audiences (which it should), Smaran Sahu could be India’s Noah Centineo or the Michele Morrone, that every girl is drooling over. He delivers a promising act and I’m really wishing to see him more on-screen. Neil Bhoopalam surprises me, again. There’s a lot of potential in this guy and the filmmakers NEED to bring out the gem of an actor in him. There’s this sizzling side of him that we witness in just a glimpse, but hoping there’ll be more in the second season. Satyadeep Misra, Rytasha Rathore, Pooja Bedi only make the show shine brighter.

The background score really gave a kick to the show at some sections. The Farah Khan part (not revealing anything further), ‘I don’t wanna grow up’ at Masaba’s house – all of it was too gooood!

Shout out to the ‘Who is Masaba’ scene. It did crack me up and make me realize the harsh reality about the little recognition that designers in our country get till date.

Dialogues like ‘Facing your inner demons isn’t your thing’ and ‘hot mess’ is a note that all of us millennials would connect to.

Masaba Masaba: The Special Appearances!

From Kiara Advani to Mithila Palkar and Malvika Mohanan – we see different versions of actresses and their tantrums. But they’ve kept it all really light-hearted and fun. Farah Khan is cherry on the top. Also, what better than watching Neena and Gajraj Rao together again?

Masaba Masaba Review: Neena Gupta Is The Showstopper As Her Daughter Owns Her Fashion Empire!
Masaba Masaba Review: Neena Gupta Is The Showstopper As Her Daughter Owns Her Fashion Empire!

Masaba Masaba: What Doesn’t Work?

This is the first season. And we’re talking about Masaba Gupta, the designer. What I as a viewer would also want to have seen is a little part of how she reached the peak. Give me more of the history, so that I could feel worth, empathize with her sad days. I personally feel that the makers could have had a lot of content to explore in that arena. Maybe it’s the recent happenings that they wanted the audience to connect with more, but then, that’s the benefit of the OTT area. Your content at your pace and your wanted duration.

There are transitions between her ‘childhood and now’ versions, but I feel it went a bit unnecessary at times. Initially, it connected really well, but Sonam Nair should’ve limited it to certain frames. For eg., the moment when Masaba sees Neena Gupta’s baby bump, I didn’t connect very well to it. But again, the last frame gave me a kick (you get the point?)

Masaba Masaba: Final Word

All said and done, Masaba Masaba was truly worth a watch. The minute the 6th episode ended, I was waiting to rush to ‘next episode’ until I realized it was over. The series ended on a cliff-hanger and I can’t wait for the next one. Bring it on, you fashionistas!

Three and a half stars!

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