Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz Movie Review Rating: 3/5 Stars (Three stars)

Star Cast: Geetanjali Thapa, Zain Khan Durrani, Shray Rai Tiwari

Director: Onir

Kuch Bheege Alfaaz Movie Review: Vintage Love Wrapped With A Modern Paper
Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz Movie Review: Vintage Love Wrapped With A Modern Paper

What’s Good: Simplistic approach to a story which has been existing since years, executing elements for millennials, brilliant performances by leading pair.

What’s Bad: Yes it entertains, yes it drags.

Loo Break: Yes, you can skip some cheesy scenes in between.

Watch or Not?: Watch it for some vintage style of story telling, some outstanding dialogues and some heart touching moments.

User Rating:

Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz is just another station in Onir’s journey of exploring love. It’s a story about a radio jockey with literally orgasmic voice, Alfaaz & a leucodermic pretty girl, Archie. The movie starts by introducing the cast in a WhatsApp bubble style, which though being very simple looks so good. Archie is clueless about her love life & dates any random guy, whereas Alfaaz is his own shell refusing to open up to anyone.

As shown in the promo, a mistaken phone call becomes the reason of how Archie and Alfaaz talks for the first time. The rest of the story is about how and when do they will meet? Will it be a love story with an incomplete end or will Alfaaz lighten up the burden he has been carrying as a backdrop. Amongst all this there’s also an innocent little friendzoned track of Appu running parallely with the main story. (Shray Rai Tiwari).

Kuch Bheege Alfaaz Movie Review: Vintage Love Wrapped With A Modern Paper
Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz Movie Review: Vintage Love Wrapped With A Modern Paper

Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz Movie Review: Script Analysis

Penned by Abhishek Chatterjee, the story isn’t simple as it seems to be on the face. It has layers, subtexts, backdrops and a great relatable value. The simplicity is the biggest USP of this script. The makers have smartly included old songs like Ajeeb Daastan & Pehla Nasha in the script to give it a vintage touch. There are loopholes but they’re filled with some amazing story telling.

The leucodermia of leading lady has been handled very subtly and not at a single point Onir tries to gain any sympathy out of it. Usually when you’ve such additions to your script, makers tend to go out of their way to cash on such factors for emotional appeal. The character of Alfaaz has been written very well and has ample scope to grow after multiple watching. Girls are surely going to drool over him after this film. Apart from his looks, his vocabulary game is too strong in the film. Last year there was a sweet little surprise in Tu Hai Mera Sunday & I feel Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz falls in the same bracket.

Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz Movie Review: Star Performance

Zain Khan Durrani is making his debut with this film & it’s actually a mixed opportunity for him. Mixed because he’s brilliant in the film but given everything this film will surely have a limited appeal. It’ll see a small release yet given the subject & Valentine’s season it might just click with the youth. Zain is very powerful in some scenes & charms away with his voice as well as looks.

Geetanjali Thapa has delivered yet another earthy performance post Trapped. She is like any other girl you’ll find in any city of our country. She gets into the simpleton skin of Archie so well leaving no space to complain about anything.

Shray Rai Tiwari is cute with his Innocent presence in the film. Also, surprisingly, many of my journalist friends shared the similar opinion of him being more charming than Zain in the film. His character traits somehow reminded me of Barun Sobti.

Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz Movie Review: Direction, Music

Onir is from those niche directors trying to explore various shades of love with his films. My Brother Nikhil, I Am, Bas Ek Pal & now Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz, he is the person who loves to play with the definition of love. With everything good-looking on his plate, he fails to execute the editing in a right way. Making the story short, skipping some elongated unnecessary sequences, hiding some common flaws could’ve taken this movie to another level. Also, loved the way how Onir has packaged the traditional elements love with a modern paper.

Music by Shashwat Srivastava plays an underlaying yet important role providing the correct feel to the story. It’s there throughout yet it doesn’t disrupts the proceedings. There’s no original song in the film but the makers have used Pehla Nasha & Ajeeb Daastan in bits. The thumping piano sound during one important scene is still resonating in my mind.

Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, this is not your usual rom-flick. Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz is one of those movies which will be seen years from now making kids of that generation feel the love when WhatsApp was in trend. Years from now, a movie lover will watch this and feel how things were simple back then.

Three stars!

Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz Trailer

Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz releases on 16th February, 2018.


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