Star cast: Sheena Nayyar, Sameer Dattani, Mamik, Himanshu Malik, Rajesh Khera.

Plot: Sheena gets horrifying dreams and goes on a holiday to a fort-cum-resort. But the dreams get more and more frightening. There are also cold-blooded murders. What is her connection with the dreams and the deaths?

What’s Good: Nothing at all!

What’s Bad: Everything – right from the script to the acting.

Verdict: Mallika is not a horror film, it is a horrible film!

Loo break: Anytime, as many times!!

PPC Horrotainment and Glorious Entertainment’s Mallika (A) is a supernatural thriller with a shoddy script. Sanjana (Sheena Nayyar) is haunted by nightmares and vivid visions of a murder that took place in her house years before she moved in. She decides to leave the house and go on a vacation, hoping that the horrifying visions would stop. She reaches a fort-cum-resort in Rajasthan but things don’t change for her. In fact, they worsen because the fort holds a dark secret which is all set to change Sanjana’s life. Also, her visions are now coupled with cold-blooded murders.

The story, penned by Wilson Louis, is childish and the screenplay (Wilson Louis, Sameer Arora, Vicky and Alok) is worse still. Sequences come one after another, confusing the viewer because of the faulty writing and haphazard presentation. The only thing about which there is no confusion is that every female character in the film must repeatedly scream in horror. Dialogues are routine.

Sheena Nayyar makes a poor debut.Except for looking terrified and screaming her lungs out, she has precious little to do. She looks ordinary and acts ordinarily. Sameer Dattani is okay as Saahil. Mamik does well. Himanshu Malik is wooden in the role of Vikram. Pooja Ballutia, as Vikram’s wife, hardly impresses. Rajesh Khera is at least sincere. Suresh Menon irritates as Inspector P.K. Girpade because all his comedy falls flat. As his sidekick Bhimsen, Kodak is worse still. Arjun Mahajan is alright as Maddy. Amy Mahendra (as model Alisha) and Sakshi Pradhan (in the role of Simi) pass muster.

Wilson Louis’ direction leaves a lot to be desired. He needs to be more in control of the script if he is to make a mark. Music (Pritam and Shamir Tandon) is functional. Background music (Dinu) is weak. Camerawork (Viraj) and visual effects are okay.

On the whole, Mallika is a dull fare which will find favour with the front-benchers only.

By Komal Nahta



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