Khajoor Pe Atke Movie Review Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Manoj Pahwa, Seema Pahwa, Vinay Pathak, Dolly Ahluwalia, Alka Amin, Prathamesh Parab, Sanah Kapoor, Suneeta Sengupta.

Director: Harsh Chhaya.

Khajoor Pe Atke Movie Review
Khajoor Pe Atke Movie Review: Classic Example Of How To Make Nothing With Everything!

What’s Good: Seema & Manoj Pahwa’s sidesplitting performances.

What’s Bad: A dragging plot and forced humour.

Loo Break: You can hold back if the humour is able to hold you back.

Watch or Not?: Watch only if you can laugh at anything and everything.


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The story has a huge family living in different parts of the country, which used to be a joint family at some point of time. Devender, who’s the middle child of the family is admitted and this news brings Jeetender (Manoj Pahwa), Ravinder (Vinay Pathak), Lalli Di (Dolly Ahluwalia) and their families together in Mumbai.

Portraying their artificial love, everyone is shown visiting Mumbai for their personal reasons. Devender goes to comma and his entire family waits in hospital for him to either recover or pass away. Rest of the story is all about the situations that arise as everyone is in the hospital and how they get awestruck by the beauty of the Mumbai.

Khajoor Pe Atke Movie Review
Khajoor Pe Atke Movie Review: Classic Example Of How To Make Nothing With Everything!

Khajoor Pe Atke Review: Script Analysis

I guess, director, Harsh Chhaya penned the script of Khajoor Pe Atke immediately after watching Marathi movie Ventilator. But that one had a proper balance of emotions and humour; this one goes all out with forced humour. They try to execute emotions on the 2nd half but unfortunately movie was a sinking ship by then.

This movie is a classic example of how a chef who had every ingredient to cook a tasty dish but instead he made something very bland. Because with the star cast Harsh had, he was able to make a classic out of it. Script here is to blame because there was nothing but a dragging plot. Entire hospital scenario becomes too repetitive after a point of time.

Khajoor Pe Atke Review: Star Performance

Manoj Pahwa is good and lives up to what he was expected. He has this natural spark in him which helps him look funny in whatever he does. He and Seema Pahwa are central characters of the film.

Seema Pahwa is PERFECT! In a dull plot like this she has more than many moments to make us laugh. Even when she isn’t saying anything, her expressions tickle our funny bones.

Vinay Pathak is just about average because we’ve seen some of his outstanding performances and this one is not even close to them. Alka Amin, the food hogging mother, acts with a blank face throughout because that was needed for the script. Alka ma’am is someone who is known for her expressions & the flawed script took that USP from her. Dolly Ahluwalia, yet another superb actor, is wasted.

Prathamesh Parab (Dagdu from Time Pass) is hilarious as Rocky Dilwala. He has limited scenes but he’s genuine with his performance. Sanah Kapoor overacts at places but is decent overall.

Khajoor Pe Atke Review: Direction, Music

Harsh Chhaya is making his directorial debut with this film and unfortunately he fails to make it memorable. The direction is shaky but I’m sure he would’ve done a better job if given a better script. Major chunk of the movie is in a hospital so it’s early to judge how he’ll be able to handle the proceedings outdoor. But, a very average first attempt.

Bickram Ghosh’s music is loud and unnecessary. This movie needed some situational songs which is totally missing and instead there’s inclusion of an item song. Even the background score of the film is annoying apart from the ringtones which are used very well.

Khajoor Pe Atke Review: The Last Word

All said & done, Khajoor Pe Atke is hanging on a very thin plot. This is a golden opportunity lost. A few funny moments here and there, that’s it. Watch it only if you can laugh at anything and everything.

Two stars!

Khajoor Pe Atke Trailer

Khajoor Pe Atke releases on 18th May, 2018.


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