Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam, Rohit Roy, Ronit Roy

Director: Sanjay Gupta

Kaabil Poster
Kaabil Poster

What’s Good: Hrithik Roshan and Ronit Roy are the two best things in Kaabil.

What’s Bad: Missing realism in the story and its cold approach hamper this film.

Loo Break: Yes! Probably during Mon Amour.

Watch or Not?: Kaabil is not a must-watch. Hrithik fans will certainly enjoy it for his talented act but overall for thriller fans, there are too many loopholes to catch.

User Rating:

Rohan Bhatnager (Hrithik Roshan) is a visually impaired voice over artist who meets Supriya (Yami Gautam), a visually impaired musician through a matchmaker. The duo hit it off and soon fall in love. Just when they think ‘two negatives are becoming positive’, a disturbing event shakes them up.

Supriya gets raped by Amit Shelar (Rohit Roy), MLA Madhavrao Shelar’s (Ronit Roy) younger brother and his friend. After filing an FIR and police turning a blind eye to this case, Rohan takes it upon himself to get justice for the heinous crime committed against his wife.

Will Rohan be able to blindfold the system and take revenge?

Kaabil Review
Kaabil Review

Kaabil Review: Script Analysis

Sanjay Gupta’s Kaabil is an ambitious film that revolves around the gripping tale of a blind protagonist seeking revenge against those in power. While it seems impressive on paper, there is a lot of detailing and realism that the film lacks. The plot has been hinged through fragile threads and hence as a viewer, you will be easily spotting the loopholes here.

First half of the film takes off slightly hurried with a meet-cute of the lead pair. The love story is almost a fast forward version because, Gupta wants to rush towards the thrilling bits. Happiness is short-lived for Rohan and Su and after the disastrous crime, the real deal takes off.

For starters, I have a problem with how casually the post-rape scene is handled between the couple. Rohan leaving his shaken wife alone at home to finish off his dubbing deadline is quite unbelievable. Also, the conclusion to Su’s character is another weak link here. Filmmakers must stay away from showing such consequences considering how it implies at the victim being an inferior person.

Coming to the bits of Rohan’s character seeking revenge, there should have been more detailing offered here, well his ‘mind sees all’ but sadly our ‘eyes’ couldn’t see how he plans the show. Also, no timeline is offered for any of the occurrences that take place post the rape. One would have to say that’s crucial in crime thrillers.

Certain dialogues work their way extremely well. Like Rohan’s answer during interrogation about his whereabouts, “Log kya sote waqt gawah rakh ke sote hai”. Also his amazing comeback when Rohit’s character tries to fool him by removing his shoes, so as to mislead his hearing sense and Rohan saying, “Tere socks to mara hua admi bhi sungh leta.”

Overall, if one tries to keep his brain to himself and not question the situations, there is a good chance that the film will keep you hooked about where its headed.

Kaabil Review: Star Performance

Hrithik Roshan’s last film, Mohenjo Daro was a horrific affair. The actor luckily with Kaabil, gives his fans to reinstate their faith in him. He has taken efforts to play a visually impaired person and that’s quite evident here. He excels in the action scenes particularly, where you may truly feel like he is being caught off guard because of his blindness. The actor is known to take up challenging roles and we have to laud him for this brave attempt.

Yami Gautam looks pretty as Supriya. She emotes well in certain scenes and that’s about it. Nothing extraordinary!

Rohit Roy as the baddie does a decent job. It does come across as though he is trying hard to sound sleazy and succeeds in provoking you to hate him.

Ronit Roy is fabulous as Madhavrao Shelar. He picks up a great Maharashtrian accent and his stern dialogue delivery is eerie.

Girish Kulkarni should be Bollywood’s favorite cop. As inspector Nalavade, he does a great job.

Narendra Jha as the officer on case does a good job too.

Kaabil Review: Direction, Music

Sanjay Gupta is obsessed with thrillers and tints. This time the director does not add any green tint to his film but tries to make it a commercial thriller.

One of the major setbacks for Gupta’s film is its locations. While some are digitized versions of real locations, the fake nature of it are a turn off. One of the scenes that has been shot in a mall had a chance to be extremely impactful but is executed in an immature manner.

Also, the whole Tango dance sequence between Hrithik and Yami seems extremely far fetched.

Action sequences are the best directed portions in the film and hence the second half is a much better watch. The climax is well executed and makes a good enough ending to the film.

The music is not so great and Saara Zamaana is the only number that entertains.

Kaabil Review: The Last Word

Kaabil is no where near perfect! Strictly for die-hard Hrithik fans who want to wash off Mohenjo Daro memories. A 2/5 for Kaabil.

Kaabil Trailer

Kaabil releases on 25th Jan, 2017.

Share with us your experience of watching Kaabil.

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  1. The whole world is applauding Kaabil and here comes this trashy review. So you are in the minority.
    Get a new job because you dont understand cinema. Either its that or you are being paid.Either ways you are doing injustice to your job. Paise khake raees banto jaaoge par thoda seekho aur apne kaam me kaabil bano.

    I give 0.5 star for your knowledge on cinema.

  2. whats the prblm with hrithik all time u give 2 star to him.even krish 3 was a blockbuster u give him 2*, bangbang 2* and now kabil is getting rave review from all the reviewer the u again give 2*.

  3. I just watched kaabil …and it is a fantastic movie …u might be very good on giving movie updates but u are very poor at giving reviews….peace ✌️️

  4. I have watched kaabil and the movie is fantastic…u might be good on giving updates about new releases and collections but believe me u are very poor at giving reviews…peace ✌️️

  5. What a cr*p review…why do you employ such nakabil reviewers
    May be shes hurt at not being invited for special screening?
    If all reviews are praising the movie and you dont get it then you are incompetent at your job. Spare us, find a new one..

  6. koimoi..kaun hai hai journalist..sayad movie rating ka abcd pata nahi hai…ya phir. Paid reviews hai.. I watched this movie and its a fantastic movie for indians.

  7. you must review ur review first…in your previous post you said that music is good & here you said something else…although most of the critics give 4* to this movie much earlier than yours…your review seems to be written with some personal problem with moviemakers…your review is too boring written with laziness

  8. I just got information that it is Sold reviews, they have been paid around 21 Lakhs so don’t trust on Koimoi and even don’t follow this website anymore.

  9. KOIMOI’s thinking and EYEs also blur!! Koimoi always go one-sided!! They jealous with Hrithik’s success.. Today again proved that by rating the movie KAABIL-2*. While they gave 4* for the movie ‘JAI HO’. Koimoi think that the miracle can only done by the KHANs not by others.. Hey!! guys please don’t go with the review by ‘Surabhi Redkar’.. We should support everyone (all hero/heroine) it maybe KHANs, ROSHAN, KAPOORs or KUMAR etc..

  10. Comment: Comment: I review ur review as 1*…maybe u was not invited at screening…so u r giving ur shit review for a very good movie…sala aaj se koimoi ka page hi nhi kholna h

  11. Reasons to dekho for finding negativity. Definately, Illogical pointed by koimoi. I dont know wat the collection would be, but movie has been narrated in so nicest way, you just cant give for it unless point 4. I watched it for timepass, being a neutral audiance, but , really thrilled.
    Blockbuster type. Ok guys, its time to meet my child from school annual sport day.

  12. Comment: i rate ur review as 0.5*…u was not invited for kaabil screening so u r pouring ur shit review for a good movie…saala aaj se koimoi ka page hi nhi kholna h…bkwas critic

  13. False review indeed. obviously, Kaabil is better than raees. Here is partialty. How raees has got 3.5? Raees will be flop.

  14. It was pretty much expected that there will be a huge payment for this paid review as films are having clash on box office. And whoever gets good rating , will make people fool and biased. So i request everyone , don’t spend time to read this review at least this time and go and watch movies you like and decide which one is good. Thanks !

  15. This is height of negativity. This lady must be sacked immediately. There are thousands of better reviewers whose skills and language and cinema sense is way ahead of her. An immediate action against her please.

  16. Better you don’t review any movies further . What a bullshit review man. Totally biased. This record depicts they are supporting RAEES. Even I am a fan of SRK, that doesnt mean I should only support his movies. No doubt KABIL is way better than RAEES as performance concerned. KOIMOI grow up guys

  17. LOL…Surabhi Redkar, the only thing you forgot to mention in your review was ‘I got paid to write this fake review’. Really sad how journalism is hitting a new low everyday. Dear Surabhi, please go home and do some introspect today.

  18. This is really an honest review. Although, Hritik’s performance is good but the movie is not really worthy to watch.

  19. Kaabil is very boring movie …headache …So guyzzz ho and watch Raees blockbuster…zabardasttt movie hai trust me …
    Kabil se 3 gunah ki openng lgi hai raees ki …isi se pata chal gya kaha raja bhoj ar kaha gangu teli…

  20. Comment:
    Seriously????? #SurbhiRedkar….
    Mai sirf aapke Reviews padhta hoon…..
    Kyunki aap achche Reviews likhte ho…
    Lekin #Hritik ke sath aap ka kya Problem hai???
    Mohenjodaro ko bhi aapne 1.5 star diye the… Etni bhi kharab nahi thi film…
    Lekin ab Kaabil ko 2 star jabki har 1 Top most Website ne Raees se jyada Kaabil ko Preference diya hai…
    aapne bhi to Raees ko 1 time watch bataya hai… fir bhi 3.5 stars?????

  21. I give this review a 0 Star.. Seems like this SOLD Media are getting paid from Team Raees.. Either this Author is Dumb or has no sense of humor to judge good movies..

  22. SOLD Media.. How much did Raees pay you for posting this false review.. have watched this movie and its awesome.. Either this Author is dumb or has no sense of humor.. Kaise Kaise log rakte hai review karne ke liye bhagwaan !!

  23. Kaabil might be great. But it is an experimental film. Hero as a blind person. Oh come on, people need no brainer at the weekends to relax. Raees on other side is a plain masala fare. But look at numbers raees has upper hand. This shows taste of people. Even theatres choose raees for it’s mass appeal. Kaabil is multiplex film. Earn much as possible in 1 week. Raees is a single screen entertainer. Show stamina on long runs. Clearly a waste of clash. Everyone knows who would be the winner.

  24. Raees aur Kaabil ke comments to caste ke hisaab se aaenge.

    Koi Moi ke review paison ke hisaab se aayenge.

    We a group of 10 friends studying in a college watched Raees and Kabil
    together. Later we polled the opinion. 8 out of ten friends liked Kaabil
    better over Raees.

    Jyoti Sharma

  25. its necessary to boycott such people who run their business on paid review shameless cheap greedy fooling innocent viewer..such people must be identified & must b learnt lesson so that such business of fooling people will get stoppd..

  26. surabhi redkar must apologise to people publicly if her review fails on box office & public response…such all paid reviewer must stop fooling people…

  27. Thodi sharm kro Koimoi waalon kal kaabil dekhi 2017 ki one of the finest movie h yr…Kya work kiya h hritik n yr…aise kisi ki itni mehnat pr pani ferne waalo tumhe to faansi pr chada dena chahiye…Pta nhi kitni riswat li h raees k producers se

  28. I watched Raees on Jan 25 and Kaabil on Jan 26.

    If I compare both Raees Ek star ke bhi kaabil nahi whereas Kaabil is really kaabil4 stars.

    Yet Koi Moi the great is giving 4 stars to Raees and 2 stars to Kaabil.

    What else can you expect ? In our country evrything is now on sale be it Justice, Media News,Movie Reviews. Politics, Votes and whatnot.
    So it is the money power deciding who is good and who is not so good.

    Manju and Seema Chadha from New Delhi.

  29. Dear Surbhi U do not match d slandered of this website pls check collections & other website review & lean something about how to review.
    Have u any Problem with Hrithik or U r Paid reviewer?
    my rating is 4.5*/5.

  30. I think u do not understand Cinema,
    pls be Kaabil not Raees by getting Money for ur reviews.
    My rating 4.5*/5.

  31. To the point Review. After watching it, though being a Hrithik fan, this seems to be too unrealistic with too many loopholes. But ya, you can watch it once for Hrithik.


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