It Chapter Two Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5 Stars (Three and a half stars!)

Star Cast: James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Skarsgard, Jay Ryan, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, James Ransone, Andy Bean

Director: Andy Muschietti

It Chapter Two Movie Review: Continues The Legacy Of Brilliant Horror Sequences!
It Chapter Two Movie Review: Continues The Legacy Of Brilliant Horror Sequences!

What’s Good: Andy still has a lot of tricks down his sleeves to make you scream once again!

What’s Bad: Duration of close to 3 hours packs some idle sequences which could have been trimmed

Loo Break: Go to the loo only if you want Pennywise staring at your wee-wee!

Watch or Not?: Only if you liked the first chapter!


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It’s been a couple of years since I reviewed one of the best horror flicks out there ‘It’, and in the movie we see a fast-forward of 27 years from where the makers signed off last time. The seven friends, going by the gang name of Losers, faced the atrocious Pennywise the Clown (Bill Skarsgard), whom they think they defeated. But, they did not. The story starts with Mike (Isaiah Mustafa), who never left Derry, calling everyone for a reunion (aint your high-school one). Mike knows the clown is back and he gets everyone together to inform them.

After a couple of tragedies, they’re together but watching each other after 27 years come as a surprise to them. Bill (James McAvoy) is a successful novelist, Beverly (Jessica Chastain) is in an abusive marriage, Ben (Jay Ryan) is an architect, Richie (Bill Hader) is a stand-up comic, Eddie (James Ransone) is a Risk Analyst and they all team up together to kill that motherf**** clown once again.

It Chapter Two Movie Review: Continues The Legacy Of Brilliant Horror Sequences!
It Chapter Two Movie Review: Continues The Legacy Of Brilliant Horror Sequences!

It Chapter Two Movie Review: Script Analysis

Gary Dauberman goes solo with the scriptwriting this time & he pens down the most interesting aspects from Stephen King’s novel. Loved the way of script taking no time at all to goof around Pennywise’s character. He’s put right into your face from scene 1 and is there till the end of everything. This shows the confidence of the makers because the script was so strong.

The movie is surprisingly long (close to 3 hours) but never for a minute felt like one. King’s concept of ‘kill the fears from inside to kill the outside ones’ is adapted brilliantly on-screen. Special mention about the bridging shots of the film, it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. One of the best things about both the It(s) is the way script offers you something very creepy and unique throughout the film. Monsters emerging from fortune cookies, a dead face crawling with spider’s legs & a lot more – there are a lot of terrifying props bonded in the narrative.

It Chapter Two Movie Review: Star Performance

James McAvoy is stunning as Bill! The makers had every liberty to shape the adult characters of those kids and they’ve done pretty well with Bill. The stuttering of James binds in well with the connection you’ve with his character. The ever-pretty Jessica Chastain enjoys an extremely splendid sub-plot of a love story with Jay Ryan. In the start, it was obstructing but molds in brilliantly towards the end.

Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise steals the show yet again. There’s a scene in which he’s been booed as ‘clown, clown’, and I thought I’ll see a Joaquin Phoenix rising up from the ground to start ‘Joker’. Bill nails the expressions & the trademarked parade of Pennywise. There will be no Clown without Bill after this (I’m not saying, Joker). Bill Hader as Richie brings in the much required comic relief and it’s very wittily written. Isaiah Mustafa is good and James Ransone leaves a mark. Andy Bean’s cameo in the start lays the base to the entire story.

It Chapter Two Movie Review: Direction, Music

Andy Muschietti carries forward the spookiness from part 1 and betters it at many places. It will always stand out from the rest of the movies in this genre for not trying to do what everyone has already done. More than horror, this lies under the genre of masterfully written thriller. Andy follows the similar weightage of horror and humour as its prequel.

Benjamin Wallfisch levels down his game in this one. He was more impactful in the first chapter. I am just unable to recollect a single piece of music from this one. Though, the sound design is as usual mind-blowing.

It Chapter Two Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, It chapter two is eerier, scarier, spookier than the first one. It mixes skillful writing and the other-worldly screenplay to package this extraordinary horror flick. A not-to-miss treat for this genre lovers!

Three and a half stars!

It Chapter Two Trailer

It Chapter Two releases on 06th September, 2019.


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