The Nun II Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Bonnie Aarons, Taissa Farmiga, Storm Reid, Anna Pop

Director: Michael Chaves

The Nun II Movie Review Out ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

What’s Good: It’s clashing with Jawan in India, and the overflow there could help the film gain some ground outside the US

What’s Bad: Many substandard Hollywood horror flicks later, this still has characters going into a haunted room only to ask, “Who’s there?”

Loo Break: Yeah! But not because it’s too scary; it’s just too boring to sit at a stretch

Watch or Not?: For the respect of the horror genre, please don’t.

Available On: Theatrical Release

Runtime: 1 hour 50 minutes

User Rating:

We’re back, yet again, with another generic scary BS from Hollywood trying to milk on the franchise set by renowned names but carried forward by people who didn’t respect what was built. Four years after (1956) the events of the first movie in Romania, the makers take us to Tarascon, France, only to keep everything the same & flash some vintage cars in a scene to show how far it could go in displaying a particular era.

If you haven’t seen part 1, it hinted at Maurice (Jonas Bloquet) getting possessed by the demonic Nun in Valak (Bonnie Aarons), and that’s what it’s carried forward here. Maurice is possessed & the Nun has been killing people to find a MacGuffin through him. Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) & Sister Debra (Storm Reid) are brought back to investigate the case; their connection with Maurice makes them try everything to save him.

The Nun II Movie Review Out ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

The Nun II Movie Review: Script Analysis

When you’re a director who has released two pretty average horror flicks, you hope to bounce back by doing anything substantial, but that’s not the case here. Every problem you might have had with the prequel would continue to exist here, adding many more shortcomings to the already chaotic list.

The story is so messy that it’s hard to decide what’s darker – the cinematography by Tristan Nyby or the BS that the story does while attempting to scare you. Though some scenes genuinely have jumpscares, they’re so low that even you forget you’re watching a horror film.

The Nun II Movie Review: Star Performance

Bonnie Aarons returns as Valak but doesn’t get the same importance she did in the prequel. A solid story with her as the demonic lead could sum up a good horror movie & that’s what the makers failed here by overexposing her too soon, killing the mystery.

Taissa Farmiga, the most important person from the prequel, sister Irene, also sees a reduction in the quality of her character sketch, thanks to the pretty basic writing by Lan Goldberg, Richard Naing & Akela Cooper (M3GAN, Malignant). Storm Reid provides the desired & limited support to Taissa’s Sister Irene. Anna Popplewell not only looks like a British version of Emilia Clarke but also acts like her.

The Nun II Movie Review Out ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

The Nun II Movie Review: Direction, Music

Michael Chaves wasn’t the apt choice to boost the already-ordinary part 1 and serve us something fresh this time. Chaves already owns two sh*tty horror films (The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, The Curse of La Llorona) & he completes the hat trick with this one.

Despite Marco Beltrami’s impressive resume (A Quite Place, Logan, Ford v. Ferrari), I missed Abel Korzeniowski’s approach towards this franchise’s jumpscares. Like the storyline, even Marco’s background score became predictable after a good start.

The Nun II Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done; you’ll not only see the jumpscares from miles away but also predict every twist & turn as the film follows the age-old typical horror genre cliches.

Two stars!

The Nun II Trailer

The Nun II releases on 08th September, 2023.

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