Disco Raja Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star Cast: Ravi Teja, Payal Rajput, Tanya Hope, Nabha Natesh and Vennela Kishore.

Director: Vi Anand

Disco Raja Movie Review: Ravi Teja Starrer promises you stars as it begins, settles for mere LED lights by the end
Disco Raja Movie Review: Ravi Teja Starrer Promises You Stars In The Beginning, But Offers LED Lights By The End

What’s Good: Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja in all his swag in a sci-fi set up is exciting and sets the base just right. The man can dance his way out of combat with 100 men and rock it as he does.

What’s Bad: The storyline that forgets its base and seems like it took a wrong turn. While it begins in a sci-fi zone, it quickly escalates to the generic masala, completely forgetting what it was supposed to convey.

Loo Break: If nature calls you, do not ignore. Well, ignore it for the first 15 minutes or so, rest go for it.

Watch or Not?: I would strictly recommend this for the fans only, even their enthusiasm had a downfall after a point in my theatre.

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Ravi Teja’s Disco Raja begins by telling us the story of Vasu, an orphan with a heart of gold. The boy sunk deep in debt is out to get the money but is missing. Switch to the snow-clad Ladakh, where a dead body is found frozen in snow for some decades and guess what? He looks like Vasu. No points guessing, he is Vasu’s father and the swagger Disco Raja.

A group of scientist who is happy they have an abandoned dead body, so as to make it their lab rat and perform experiments on it, bring him alive. Rest as we say is history.
Directed by Vi, the film non-linearly tells stories, that of father Disco Raj in his adventurous days and son Vasu who is confused forever, at least that is what his constant expression says.

Disco Raja Movie Review: Ravi Teja Starrer promises you stars as it begins, settles for mere LED lights by the end
Disco Raja Movie Review: Ravi Teja Starrer promises you stars as it begins, settles for mere LED lights by the end

Disco Raja Movie Review: Script Analysis

Have to accept this but the way the movie began, the opening shots of a snow-clad landscape with no trace of humans, a coup being held in there. The screenplay escalating to a lab/research centre that that has those intriguing equipment trying to bring back a dead man, I was sold. And all this made me prepare for 149 minutes of entertainment that will be on the same scale.

But sorry to say, IT FAILED. The script that promises you stars, in the beginning, settles for mere LED lights by the end. The filmmaker known for taking different concepts tries too hard to squeeze in a lot in one. Resulting in no justice to any plot. Let me explain.

As said earlier, the opening and the sequence where Disco Raja is bought alive is intriguing and an amazing build-up is forgotten for the rest of the film. While him coming alive take the centre stage in the first half, the second half has no strong mention or a visual.

Rather the makers choose to serve the audience the same masala that the star has excelled a long time back. Similarly, not an orphan but orphan Vasu has the emotional angle of this narrative is given no importance for a huge span of time.

Disco Raja Movie Review: Star Performance

Unlike other South megastars, Ravi Teja’s acting calibre is not something one will immediately endorse. The actor gets to portray a list of shades since he is in a double role. The actor is impressive as he does the disco dance with ease and fights at the same time. He is also vulnerable and does a good job.

Payal Rajput, Tanya Hope and Nabha Natesh play strong female characters and do their jobs honestly. But as usual, the script fails them and forgets them completely in chunks only to be bought back, in the end, to give them half baked conclusions.

Disco Raja Movie Review: Direction, Music

Direction by Vi is amazing in parts but as an entire project, the film fails to invoke any feeling in me. The film travels through suspense, action, love, drama, twist but apart from the first few minutes nothing holds or hits you to have any feeling.

Plus the non-linearity of storytelling is a great idea but it is used in a rather abrupt way which does not add anything to the movie-watching experience.

Credit, where its due, Vi capture the 80, ’s just right. Vibrant, lively and full of lights it looks good and is a part that is a bit impressing. The action department of the film seems like a low key version of the amazing KGF: Chapter 1 and it can be easily seen.

Music composer S Thaman has become a huge name in the south with many hit tracks to his credit. The newly celebrated composer does his job impressively and gives some fresh foot tapping as well as romance tracks.

Disco Raja Movie Review: The Last Word

What hurts is that the film could have been altogether a different and much better version of itself with the superstar spreading his magic over it. But what we get is entertainment in part and no attachment at all. Watch it only if you are a fan.

Disco Raja Trailer

Disco Raja releases on 24th January, 2020.

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