Deadpool 2 Movie Review Quicker: It starts with Wade Wilson aka Deadpool poking some brutal fun at Wolverine. He blames Wolverine for stealing his thunder by dying in Logan. So, cut to Wade, he’s still the same sarcastic, fun poking bad-yet-guy taking on the bad-yet-worse guys.

Hong Kong, Tokyo, Biloxi – Wade goes everywhere to take the bad guys out until he meets the worst of them. He’s back chilling with his girlfriend Vanessa as they plan to have babies and get attacked by the villains. Blind Al’s saying, “Pain is the history teacher and a story teller” aids Deadpool when he decides to join the X-Men.

Deadpool 2 Movie Review Quicker
Deadpool 2 Movie Review Quicker: From Ryan Reynolds To Logan, Everything Entertains!

When Tim Miller walked out of Deadpool after having some disagreements with Ryan, there were some serious doubts about its sequel. The the guy who killed the dog in John Wick, David Leitch, came on board and here we are. It’s just the interval and I’m laughing my guts out. This is better, bigger and more sarcastic than the first one.


We’ve a better bad guy in Cable and a shitty than Suicide Squad team but yet they are more entertaining Deadshot and gang. Dopinder is dope as always, he’s in to fill his soul this time.

Deadpool 2 tells the story of an adult superhero with a twisted sense of humour. Based on Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, it is the original story of a former Special Forces operative who turns into a mercenary.

Deadpool 2, brought to India by Fox Star India, opens today worldwide.




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