It is often said that the theatrical trailer is the most influential means of communication to the audience and it is based on the trailer that the audience make up their mind to watch the film in cinema hall. Recently, the theatrical trailer of Salman Khan starrer Race 3 was launched with a lot of fan-fare and expectedly so, like all action entertainers, the theatrical trailer of Race 3 too met with a mixed response, tilted towards the negative side on the social media. While the social media reactions don’t make a lot of difference to the Box-Office collections of a film, we spoke to several exhibitors and distributors to know their genuine take on the theatrical trailer of the film.


We asked 12 exhibitors from different circuits about their reaction to the theatrical trailer of Race 3 and 7 of them found the trailer to be extremely appealing and were confident that the film will set the cash registers ringing. 2 exhibitors felt that Race 3 will be a weekend film i.e. Salman Khan’s star-power and the Eid weekend will help the FILM get a solid start, but due to lack of content the film will fizzle in the long run. 3 other exhibitors felt that it was just an average trailer, and the only two things appealing in the trailer were the breath-taking action sequences and scale at which the film has been shot.

Race 3 Trailer Trade and Audience Review: How have the people received this Salman Khan film?
Race 3 Trailer Trade & Audience Review: How Have The People Received This Salman Khan Film?


Talking about the audience reaction in general, the reactions has ranges from “Very Good” to “Average” to “Very Bad”, which means that the theatrical trailer has received a mixed response from the audience, but for an event action entertainer like Race, the mixed response to trailer doesn’t make a lot of difference. The audience will come out in huge number to watch the film during the opening weekend, and it will be only from Monday when the content will do the talking. On a personal front, I felt that theatrical trailer of Race 3 is average to above average. It is filled with some stunning action sequences and the film has been shot on a humongous scale, however the major issue are the dialogues and the supporting cast of the film, which majorly dilutes the impact of the trailer. On the positive front, director Remo D’Souza surprised me with a few spectacular shots in the trailer. Salman in the last few years has done films like Jai Ho, Dabangg 2 and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo which didn’t boost of a formidable supporting cast neither had good production values. But with Race 3, it seems that producer Ramesh Taurani has taken proper care in terms of mounting and scale of the film.

The makers of Race 3 were quite aware about the audience for whom the trailer is being made i.e. the masses and the trailer has ample of action in it to get them excited. One thing we can be assured of is the fact that the film will set the cash-registers ringing like never before in the mass centres, however the music and other factors closer to release will give us an exact idea about opening in four major cities of India. Being an event film coming on a Holiday weekend will ensure a record crumpling start for Race 3, however it all boils down to the content from Monday, which will give a hindsight about the lifetime biz of the film. If the film has believable twists and turns in the screenplay just like Race apart from the stylish action scenes, we might have yet another winner this Eid from Salman Khan. However, if that doesn’t happen, Eid 2018 might turn to be a mediocre affair as the film would slow down after the weekend.

Given the initial trailer and audience reaction, here’s the expectation on the opening front, with final prediction being made closer to the release:

Opening Day:

  • If releases on Eid Day: Rs 42 crore
  • If releases on Non-Holiday: Rs 33 crore

Directed by Remo D’Souza, Race 3 releases on 15th June 2018.




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