A college, whose students don’t care a damn about studies, faces a survival crisis when its land lease ends. To save the college, students support the principal (Govind Namdeo). What happens next? Read the review of College Campus to find out.

Business rating: 0.5/5 stars

Cast: Govind Namdeo, Mukesh Rishi, Mohan Joshi.

What’s Good: Hardly anything.

What’s Bad: The wafer-thin story; the laughable drama; the pathetic direction.

Verdict: It is best to stay away from College Campus, which will prove to be a disaster at the box-office.

Loo break: Several.


Watch or Not?: Decide for yourself after reading this review.

College Campus Review (College Campus Movie Stills)
College Campus Movie Stills

Vidya Movies International’s College Campus (UA) is the story of a college where all things go wrong.

Such is the college that students do not attend classes at all. Instead, they while away their time consuming liquor and drugs, or fighting among themselves. All efforts of the college principal (Govind Namdeo) to discipline the students, fail.

Taking benefit of this state of affairs, a businessman (Mohan Joshi), who has given his land to the college on lease, stokes further controversy in order to have his land back easily. As it is, the lease is coming to an end. The businessman involves a needy girl in an MMS scandal, thereby spoiling the college’s name.

The local police officer (Mukesh Rishi) knows the reality but pleads to the principal to take matters in his own hands, if he (the principal) wants to save the college. In the hour of need, knowing that their college might not last anymore, all the students rally around the principal. The students and principal sit on a dharna outside the college in spite of a court order ending the land lease. The businessman and police arrive. What happens thereafter? Does the principal manage to save the college? What about the wayward students? The climax answers these questions.

College Campus Review – Script Analysis

The story is wafer thin and Manzoor Ahmed’s screenplay looks contrived for most of the part. The narrative comprises elements from the age-old Bollywood formula films but nothing works as planned because of the poor writing. A couple of romantic love stories do not take off at all. Overall, the drama is laughable rather than exciting. The same applies to the supposedly emotional scenes. Dialogues, by Harish Kotian, are insipid.

College Campus Review – Performances & Direction

The heroes and the heroines look anything but lead players. In other words, they are not fit to be heroes and heroines. Ramnitu Chaudhri (as the businessman’s daughter) does an average job. Govind Namdeo is earnest but can’t do much. Mohan Joshi is fair. Mushtaq Khan (as the hostel peon) and Mukesh Rishi do average jobs. Rakesh Pandit, Khushi Sharma, Imraan, Praveen Dighe, Manoj Rathi, Vijay Shetty, Rajbeer, Sanatan Modi, Azad Kavi, Pallavi Sawant, Nandesh Khedkar, Razia Mujawar, Nazneen Hakim, Madhura Kharkar and  Sameer Patel do pathetic jobs. Jaya Prada, in a special appearance, does a fair job.

Atul’s direction is poor, to put it mildly. The songs (music by Atul) are average and don’t add any value to the narrative. Tutun Ashish Roy’s background score is so-so. Editing, by Govind Dalwadi, is dull. Nazeer Khan’s cinematography is shoddy.

College Campus Review – Verdict

On the whole, ‘College Campus’ has absolutely nothing to offer and will bomb at the ticket windows everywhere.




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