Chef Movie Review: Rating: 3.5/5 Stars (Three and a Half stars)

Star Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Svar Kamble, Padmapriya Janakiraman, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Milind Soman, Dinesh P Nair, Sobhita Dhulipala, Ram Gopal Bajaj

Director: Raja Krishna Menon

Chef Movie Review
Chef Movie Review

What’s Good: The desi touch given to a story we’ve seen before, Saif Ali Khan proving he can do better than Jon Favreau & Raghu Dixit’s acoustic presence.

What’s Bad: Few important parts edited out which were highly impactful in the original, It makes you hungry with every passing scene (Pun intended)

Loo Break: You really don’t need it, what you need is a snack break as you’ll crave for food too often.

Watch or Not?: All the more reason to watch if you haven’t seen the original, even if you’ve seen it watch this for a sincere effort.

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Roshan Kalra, a renowned ‘I-me-myself’ Chef in New York having a riches from rags story connected with him. He’s a divorcee having his kid Armaan (Svar Kamble) living with his mom in Cochin. Unfortunate events turn fortunate for Roshan, when he comes to Cochin to spend some time with his son. Spending some family time converts into a business idea and the next thing we know is our ‘khadoos-yet-adorable’ Chef is running a food truck.

When business bonds family, Roshan understands what he’s missing. The plot revolves around Saif trying to achieve ‘pyaar’ which he lost between ‘kaam se pyaar’ and ‘pyaar se kaam’. If you think you’ve already read enough, then this was just a tip of the iceberg. Chef offers a lot of mouth-watering things which make you think about your life.

Chef Movie Review
Chef Movie Review

Chef Movie Review: Script Analysis

As we all know Chef is an official adaption from Jon Favreau’s movie with the same name. I was the happiest when I heard we’re remodeling such story in Bollywood. This surely was a risky move because the original was loved by many. I too had my reservations before watching our Desi version but now as I’m done with it, it feels like – does this story is really adapted? The script by Ritesh Shah, Raja Krishna Menon & Suresh Nair is amazingly shaped for Indian audiences.

Chef Movie Review: Star Performance

Saif Ali Khan – our Desi Carl Casper – proves why there was no other option other than him to live this character. His untimely punny gags, displaying fatherly love and still maintaining to look cool – I don’t think we’ve anyone to serve all this in a single meal. Svar Kamble has an eminent role and he hits the bulls-eye with his dazzling portrayal as Saif’s son.

Padmapriya Janakiraman slays with her hotness! You can’t take eyes off her whenever she’s on screen. She acts equally wonderful adding the required impact. Chandan Roy Sanyal as Saif’s sous chef is refreshing and brings the additional cuteness. Dinesh P Nair as food truck driver is a surprise! Stunning with his ROFL-worthy comic timing, he owns some hilarious scenes. Milind Soman plays Robert Downey’s role from the original and does well. The sensuality that Scarlett Johansson brought in original was missed in this one as Sobhita Dhulipala is just about okay.

Chef Movie Review: Direction, Music

Raja Krishna Menon binds the story very well. Choosing the tough way of avoiding cut-copy-paste, he does justice to the script and shows us how an official adaption should be treated like. He hits some and he misses some but the bottom line is – Chef is a delicious treat to your cinematic taste buds.

Today after going through Hans Zimmer’s magic in Blade Runner 2049, Raghu Dixit keeps the musical level high with Chef. Every song is very well placed but my personal picks are Darmiyaan, Banjara & Shugal Laga Le. If you don’t suffer from ‘log kya kahenge’ syndrome, you’ll find yourself get up and dance to Shugal Laga Le. Raghu Dixit, please stay regular in Bollywood.

Chef Movie Review: The Last Word

Food being the backdrop, Chef is majorly a story of values, family and love. If you’re watching this film,‌ a friendly advice, watch it with your stomach full – as it will make you hungry.

Chef Movie Trailer

Chef releases on 6th October 2017.

Share with us your experience of watching Chef.

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  1. It was not make any hype in audience, good word of mouth can survive it. And people lost trust on koimoi reviews,so you can’t make a single % hype from this 3.5/5 rating review. :-p


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