Bulbbul Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5 Stars (Three And a Half Star)

Star Cast: Tripti Dimri, Avinash Tiwary, Rahul Bose, Paoli Dam, Parambratha Chattopadhyay.

Director: Anvita Dutt

Bulbbul Movie Review: Wolverine, Deadpool - Look What They Have Done Without You!
Bulbbul Movie Review (Netflix): Tripti Dimri Is The Winner Of This Anushka Sharma Produced Film That Had Potential To Be A Mini-Series(Pic Credit – Netflix/Instagram)

What’s Good: A confident Tripti Dimri complimenting the idea that deserved a platform.

What’s Bad: The rush that it is in. Bulbbul easily had the potential to be a mini-series.

Loo Break: If women power is not your thing, well you should stay in there.

Watch or Not?: Watch to see how a woman has to turn a witch for the society to take her seriously! Though I have my share of problems, I would want you to watch Bulbbul.

User Rating:

Written by Anvita Dutt, Netflix’s Bulbbul, co-produced by Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Ssharma, takes us back in time when Kolkata was Calcutta and the fables of witches existed and were dread of. Anushka, if you ever read this, you are on the perfect track as a producer. You have an audience in me and several other like minded ones always. More power girl!

Bulbbul Movie Review: Wolverine, Deadpool - Look What They Have Done Without You!
Bulbbul Movie Review (Netflix): Tripti Dimri Is The Winner Of This Anushka Sharma Produced Film That Had Potential To Be A Mini-Series(Pic Credit – Netflix/Instagram)

Bulbbul Movie Review: Script Analysis

In the very first scene we meet Bulbbul, she asks her mother (as the lady appears to be) that why do women have to wear a ‘bichia’ (toe ring)? To which the mother says, “so that they stay in control”. That very much sets the premise. She is named Bulbbul (the bird) who seeks freedom but is handed over in control of men who see her as an object. Bulbbul doesn’t even know whom she is married to at that tender age.

Writer Anvita Dutt is clear about her gaze. It’s neither feminine, nor masculine. You as a viewer are a fly on the wall. Bulbbul is a young woman who’s destiny is sealed even before she could pronounce that word.

Though she is married to a ‘Thakur’ (who is over triple her age) her heart goes for his youngest brother. Bulbbul played by Tripti Dimri is attracted to Satya played by Avinash Tiwary unapologetically. Meanwhile, Satya has no clue about it. He is also infatuated but doesn’t realise till D Day.

Anvita writes Bulbbul with no regrets. This cheerful lady who turns into a might Milady of a palace is unapologetic throughout. She was never asked what she wanted, but when it’s time she seeks and gets it. The writer places Bulbbul in a world which sees women just as house makers, or an object to have s*x with.

Amid this, she introduces a ‘Chudail’ (witch), who some even call ‘Devi’ (goddess). The only woman who ignites fear amid these men. You never see this which/goddess harming anyone without a purpose. Who is she? what is her story? Watch the show.

Bulbbul according to me had the potential to be a 5 part mini-series. The limited-time of an hour and 30 minutes, did not do justice to this beautiful idea. The film began and escalated so fast, that if a layperson not used to read the underlined thought streams it, he is sure to miss the message.

Which brings me to the part, why a miniseries. There are too many loose ends. One. Rahul Bose has a twin brother (also why twin isn’t clear), who is mentally unstable. The guy, by the way, serves a major twist. So maybe his side of the story deserved a bit more detail.

Two. We don’t much get into Satya and Bubbul’s dynamic as to invest completely. Three. We see Bulbbul falling for Satya, but his feelings are never on exhibition, until the final few minutes. If it was a series, these points could have been explored more.

Bulbbul Movie Review: Star Performance

Tripti Dimri without blinking an eyelid, is the star of the film. The actor shows a range of emotions within the short time. Watch out for her when she dons the milady avatar. Glimpses of the Macbeth attitude made my day.

Avinash Tiwary has an old-world charm and he uses that to his profit. Though he does not have much to exhibit his acting finesse here. The actor impresses in what he does.

Rahul Bose is getting better with age, I must say. The actor has impressed me with this one. Paoli Dham and Parambrata Chattopadhyay get their parts right and look amazing as they play them.

Fun Fact: IMDb has credited Abhishek Banerjee as the casting director for Bulbbul. Anushka Sharma’s last production Paatal Lok starred him as one of the leads Hathoda Tyagi.

Bulbbul Movie Review: Direction, Music

As much as I am in love with Anvita Dutt as the writer, her direction is point one below. As observed, while the script tries to keep the big reveal hidden, the direction and dialogue make it predictable. Thus making the climax less hitting. But the journey to it is fruitful, which compensates.

Also, the red tone that is used in the scenes involving the witch is overused and after a point gets irritating. Probably this is a collective drawback on DOP and the director’s part.

While in any horror show music plays a big role, Bulbbul has an adequate amount of it. Music by Amit Trivedi builds the crescendo where needed. The theme piece though is engraved in my memory now. (PS: I am humming it even while writing this review, I am possessed, people!)

Now special mentions, costume designer Veera Kapur, Production Designer Meenal Agarwal, Cinematographer Siddharth Diwan together make a universe that looks authentic. Tripti Dimri’s fussy makeup and the raw look of the surrounding add on to the movie-watching experience.

Bulbbul Movie Review: The Last Word

Bulbbul may not be the top scorer, the message is the winner in itself. Watch Bulbbul for Tripti Dimri and the idea. As said it takes a woman to be a witch for the world to be afraid of her. We need to change that!

Bulbbul Review Star Rating: 3.5/5 Stars (Three And a Half Star)

Bulbbul Trailer

Bulbbul releases on 24th June, 2020.

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