Top Gun: Maverick Box Office Review: Tom Cruise's Premium Sequel To Work With 'Premium' Audience, Pushing It Towards The Batman's Fate At Ticket Windows!
Top Gun: Maverick Box Office Review: Tom Cruise’s Premium Sequel To Work With ‘Premium’ Audience, Pushing It Towards The Batman’s Fate At Ticket Windows! ( Photo Credit – Poster from Top Gun: Maverick )

Star cast: Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell & others

Director: Joseph Kosinski

Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, Tom Cruise, Christopher McQuarrie & David Ellison

Top Gun: Maverick Box Office Review: Expectations

Tom Cruise is hands down a legend! He redefined the action genre with his daredevil attitude and his loyal fans love him for that. But being brutally honest, even though Top Gun is a cult, the young generation in India isn’t much aware of the film which was released back in 1986. Of course, the film is popular on OTT and TV, but there isn’t any hardcore fan base which was eagerly waiting for the sequel to come.

In India, the film has gained some attention only due to Tom Cruise’s face. So there’s no sequel factor working here neither has the trailer created any rage on the internet. The makers too didn’t try promoting the film here in India, making it a purely word-of-mouth dependent affair. The move looks fair enough though as the prequel was a film mainly catering to class audiences, which mainly steps out once the word-of-mouth factor kicks in.


So, I always expected it to be a film which makes most of the weekend after positive feedback starts coming in.

Top Gun: Maverick Box Office Review: Impact

Being an admirer of Tom Cruise’s cool action and acting stuff, I opt to watch the film in 4DX with an expectation that aerial scenes would give me a whole new experience. It was my first 4DX watch and it was worth every penny! The film excels with its emotions and gripping narrative but leaving that all aside, it just created a whole new experience for me with its aerial scenes adding that ‘4th dimension’ to my viewing experience. So, the film has already got one fan in me here!

Now speaking about the overall situation, this Tom Cruise is receiving rave reviews from critics and its target class audience too is loving it. Sadly, in India, there’s a big change in the audience’s taste post the pandemic, so it’s a bitter truth that a very big section of viewers won’t watch it as they’ll prefer wholesome family entertainers over it.

As the subject is quite a niche, it will majorly work in premium multiplexes of A centres. It is also playing on IMAX screens and in the 4DX version, which will give a push to the film due to high prices.

Top Gun: Maverick Box Office Review: Final Verdict

On the whole, Top Gun: Maverick will enjoy a good run with its target audience and Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’s glorious run won’t affect it much. The tension arises next week when Prithviraj, Major and Vikram arrive in theatres. These all will take away a big number of screens from Tom Cruise’s film, and as Prithviraj, Major cater to both classes and masses, it will dent Maverick’s box office journey.

With all factors taken into consideration, Tom Cruise’s film looking to score its lifetime in a range of 40-55 crores in India, giving company to The Batman (44 crores) which too catered to target audience.

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