Bajatey Raho Movie Review (Bajatey Raho Movie Poster)
Bajatey Raho Movie Poster

Rating: 2/5 stars (Two Stars)

Star cast: Tusshar Kapoor, Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey, Vishakha Singh, Ravi Kishan, Dolly Ahluwalia, Maryam Zakaria, Scarlett Wilson

Director: Shashant A Shah

What’s Good: Dolly Ahluwalia’s acting and the novelty in the concept itself.

What’s Bad: Improperly used actors and an unnecessary dash of over dramatizing.

Loo break: Too many

Watch or Not?: Bajatey Raho is a disappointing and sluggish clone version of Dibakar Banerjee’s immensely entertaining Khosla Ka Ghosla. Working along a similar plot, the film wastes its brilliant actors and makes an insipid, contrived film. It is a bumpy movie that you can absolutely avoid!


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A bank employee Baweja and his accomplice are entrusted with the responsibility of a grand bank scheme but unfortunately they fall prey to a wicked man’s plot of extracting money. Caught in a police case, Baweja lose life. His family hell bent on getting justice for him are in a sticky situation as investors hurl abuses at them to return their money which Baweja is assumed to have stolen. Convinced to take revenge as well as return the money of the investors, the Baweja family launches a grand attack plan on powerful goon Sabharwal.

What unfolds is a comic drama with a strong emotional flavor that tries too hard to be mesmeric but ends up bland.

Vinay Pathak And Dolly Ahluwalia in Bajatey Raho Movie Review
Vinay Pathak And Dolly Ahluwalia in Bajatey Raho Movie Review

Bajatey Raho Review: Script Analysis

The intrinsic flaw in Bajatey Raho is that it is a comedy which barely has any laughs to boast of. A family thugged by a goon –businessman seeking revenge is a story that has been epitomized in the very engaging Khosla Ka Ghosla and this one is a melodramatic, shabbier and jerky version of the same. Shashant Shah is unsuccessful in bringing across a solid script and that is precisely why Bajatey Raho begins on the wrong foot. The script writing is sloppy and heavily borrowed which makes the approach stale. While the film is on, there is a genuine lack of rhythm in the film’s tandem which is distorted as it shifts between humor and melodrama too briskly. Its characters are believable but not entertaining and the film is flat for most part.

The film is not sincere enough and the lack of meticulousness in sketching out the details of its characters costs the film a heavy price. At points the film might seem sleazy due to its substandard humor and it is sad that there was so much of caliber that was so easily wasted in this film. The cons pulled off are highly predictable and it is the conspicuous lack of wit that makes the film such a flop show.

Bajatey Raho Review: Star Performances

Dolly Ahluwalia who played the surprise package of the Shoojit Sircar laugh riot Vicky Donor is once again a show stealer. Getting every scene right, I wonder where was she hiding all these years with so much of talent under her belt! She gives the film’s most inspiring and cheeky performance thankfully.

Tusshar Kapoor is sadly unapologetically baffling in a character which he plagues with utmost dullness. The Punjabi diction is atrocious and there is a heavy sense of superficiality in his acting.

It takes deliberate strength and intentions to waste actors like Ranvir Shorey and Vinay Pathak. Their characters tread into ordinary terrains and have no scope of coming up with anything quirky.

Ravi Kishan is left unused and his loud acting is unbearable.

Bajatey Raho Review: Direction, Screenplay and Music

Director Shashant Shah whose Dasvidaniya had choked me up with its tinge of sad beauty, with Bajatey Raho he relies on a stale and soulless script. The SMS jokes are regressive and stenches of sameness which is why it is a surprise that something so silly comes from Shah.

The editing is extraordinary simply because the movie at its less than 2 hour’s runtime cuts short your suffering. The screenplay is lazy and exhausting. However, the music is smart. Not excessively brilliant or maestro like, but item number Naagin Naagin is peppy and O meri Mata song is an appreciable spoof.

Bajatey Raho Review: The Last Word

Bajatey Raho is uninteresting and illogical with an overdose of forceful laughs. On a loosely woven narrative, the comic value is dampened by a slack pace. It is shame that such wonderful actors were so ruthlessly wasted. I am settling for a benevolent 2/5. I went in expecting wit and came out feeling bewildered. Bajatey Raho will Bajao you and hence it is better to refrain than to complain.

Bajatey Raho Trailer

Bajatey Raho released on 26th July, 2013.

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    • very true I agree. Infact movie reviews on internet and other media like TV etc should be banned and let the audience decide themselves what to watch without any influence from any critique or reviewer. Going to watch Bajatey raho for sure!!

      • Me to pehle se hi Critics Ke khilaf Hu
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