American Assassin Movie Review: Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Dylan O’Brien, Michael Keaton, Sanaa Lathan, David Suchet, Navid Negahban, Scott Adkins, Taylor Kitsch

Director: Michael Cuesta

American Assassin Movie Review
American Assassin Movie Review

What’s Good: Everything that a good action film pretends to have, It’s Michael Keaton – so, of course, his performance & Dylan’s moves.

What’s Bad: Being a revenge saga – the motive ends up being tissue like, wanna be forced fun scenes, building up the story to end with an old one-two climax, some unbelievable shit happening throughout.

Loo Break: Only if you get tired of loud action scenes.

Watch or Not?: Michael Keaton, Dylan O’Brien fans? Go ahead, else rewatch the old Bourne & Bond series.


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The film revolves around the life of Mitch Rapp (Dylan O’Brien) who doesn’t have any back story. He loses his girlfriend in a terrorist attack led by Adnan Al-Mansur (Shahid Ahmed). 18 months later, this incident turns him into a good, well built & trained, a bearded monster who wants to eliminate the terrorists who killed his girl. On this journey of killing those terrorists, our hero meets the CIA guys who now lures Mitch to join them for a secret mission. Enters ex-Navy SEAL instructor – Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton).

Stan is a badass who trains students elected by CIA for missions and turns them into Rocky Balboa(s) with gun training. So, after an extensive training session, the combo of Rapp & Stan go for this infamous secret mission vanquishing some unbelievable shit happening around. Meeting & killing more people, a treaty deal with Iran, the introduction of a character who’s alias is as-wannabe-as Ghost (Taylor Kitsch) – the film deals with much more than I’ve mentioned above. But that much of that much more is mostly shit.

American Assassin Movie Review
American Assassin Movie Review

American Assassin Movie Review: Script Analysis

Another week, another movie adaption from a book (After previous week’s Stephen King’s IT) but, alas, this one is a disappointment wrapped up in a gift paper of action sequences. Vince Flynn’s book with the same name includes the mighty names of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush in its fan list. When Chris Hemsworth passed the role due to some issues and Bruce Willis turned off from playing the role of Stan Hurley, the movie signed its fate of being a flash in the pan.

“We were not making a period piece,” once answered co-screenwriter Stephen Schiff when asked about why he wants to modify the happenings from the book. It seems the page-to-scene copy of the book could’ve been a better option, after all. The movie is a joke which is unfunny and pretends to be the best one ever existed. Amongst all the bashing, the movie has few very good moments here & there. Those moments have a problem – you’ve to dig & find them through a pile of shit.

American Assassin Movie Review: Star Performance

The film relies on its top performers in Dylan O’Brien & Michael Keaton. The Maze Runner star tries hard to lure you with his come-hither look but gets suppressed with the mishaps of script & screenplay. With all the super powers he learns in 18 months, the makers should probably try and train some of our superheroes too.

Oscar nominee, Michael Keaton, has the look of ‘yes-I-am-stuck-in-a-bad-film’ throughout the process. Again, he is not bad, but, come on Keaton! We’ve seen the best of you. Sidekicks Scott Adkins, Shiva Negar, Taylor Kitsch, Sanaa Lathan adds up to the chaos.

American Assassin Movie Review: Direction, Music

Michael Cuesta (Kill The Messenger) kills the mood of the film with this one. Backed up by not-so-good writing, Cuesta fails to find any cue to make this a memorable one. In choosing the unconventional way of dealing an already served king-sized meal on a golden platter, Michael ends up being a loser. He tries to end the movie on a high note bringing in a waterspout, but ironically that sea-tornado washes the film away with itself. All said & done, do not confuse this Michael with Bay, he’s Cuesta.

You guys must be thinking what could be a bigger disappointment than all of the above, wait for it because it’s coming. Music of the film is given by Steven Price – he’s the same man who surprised it amazingly in this year’s Baby Driver. It seems the average-syndrome of the film hits him hard too. Nothing memorable, just some loud music supporting the topsy-turviness.

American Assassin Movie Review: The Last Word

Do not expect anything from this one, you’ll get back on your face if you do. If, after all of the explanation, you still want to watch the film go ahead and let me know if you disagree.

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American Assassin releases on 15 September, 2017.

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  1. American Assassin hits a few easy targets, but without enough style or wit to truly bring its characters to life — or stand out in a crowded field of more compelling spy thrillers.


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