3 Storeys Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star Cast: Renuka Shahane, Masumeh Makhija, Richa Chadha, Sharman Joshi, Ankit Rathi, Aisha Ahmed, Pulkit Samrat, Tarun Anand.

Director: Arjun Mukherjee

3 Storeys Movie Review
3 Storeys Movie Review

What’s Good: Then entire atmosphere of Mumbai chawl created by Arjun Mukherjee, Renuka Shahane’s masterly presence & few dramatic twists and turns.

What’s Bad: Thought the movie winds up in just about 100 minutes, still it loses to maintain the grip of the plot.

Loo Break: No! You could miss a good twist (Which are very few).

Watch or Not?: Watch, if you’re a regular feeder of this genre and if you don’t mind anti-Dharma presentation in movies.

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3 Storeys are three stories set on different levels of the same chawl. They’re not exactly interconnected like Life: In A Metro but the only thing common between them is the chawl. First track revolves around how a businessman Vilas Naik (Pulkit Samrat) looking out for a house in Mumbai, lands at Auntie Florie’s (Renuka Shahane) house. Now, it’s not simple as it looks like both of these characters have a backstory which has been revealed as the time progresses.

The second story is about a cliched Bollywood couple of Varsha (Masumeh Makhija) and Shankar (Sharman Joshi). It’s about the fate of their love story and how they give each other duration of one year to go and make it big in life. The third one is about a young couple in Suhel (Ankit Rathi) and Malini (Aisha Ahmed) and how their cast comes in between their love. But again as the rest two stories, this also has a twist towards the end.

3 Storeys Movie Review
3 Storeys Movie Review

3 Storeys Movie Review: Script Analysis

Penned by Althea Delmas Kaushal, the story of the film gets the advantage of narrating three different tracks without making the audience bore. Though Renuka Shahane’s track has half-baked but it remains my favourite of all three. Arjun very smartly unveils the mystery behind it.

Also, the entire atmosphere created of the chawl intrigues you till the end. From starting the day with milk-line to trivial discussions happening around, makers nail this portion of the script. The panning of camera plays an important part in the film, through all the three stories and then while revealing the twists and turns.

3 Storeys Movie Review: Star Performance

Renuka Shahane with her trimmed wig has done a mind-blowing job portraying the role of Auntie Florie. She masters the Christian as well as Konkani. Her in-control emotions help to build her character giving it a fluctuating graph. Pulkit Samrat is also very good with his limited presence. For a change, we see him in a totally different avatar in this one.

Masumeh Makhija comes as a very natural performer with this one. Though she’s Silent without many dialogues but she speaks through her expressions. Sharman Joshi does a fine job, though he was not as much as an essential part of that story. Tarun Anand, the actor playing Varsha’s husband had the role similar to the lines of Raj Arjun from Secret Superstar. He is very good and literally makes us hate him.

Debutantes Aisha Ahmed and Ankit Rathi charm their way in – unprocessed and organic. Aisha is totally in her role and never crosses the blurred lines. The cute love brewing between them has been carried off well by both.

3 Storeys Movie Review: Direction, Music

Arjun Mukherjee is stepping out of AD world to make his debut with this one. Targeting a limited audience with the debut film is always a big gamble for any director. Coincidentally, last year’s Rukh also had a Mukherjee (Atanu) debuting with such kind of film. The only portion where Arjun falls as a director is leaving numerous scenes uncooked.

Clinton Cerejo’s music is just about decent. Not much to register, it’s there without any disturbance or attraction. Arijit Singh and Jonita Gandhi’s Bas Tu Hai is a delightful surprise. Both the audio and video work in the film. The other two songs in Raseela and Azaadiyaan could’ve been skipped.

3 Storeys Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, this movie is for those who enjoy suspense thrillers. Keep your expectations in control and you’ll surely get worth your ticket price. Renuka Shahane will surprise you and on an average, you’ll like at least one story of all the three.

Two and a half stars!

3 Storeys Movie Trailer

3 Storeys Movie releases on 09th March, 2018.

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