Finally, the D-Day has arrived! Yes, the biggest event of WWE i.e. Wrestlemania 36 kick-started in the Performance center situated in Orlando, Florida. This time it’s quite a unique and different arena with no live audience present but the company is trying to give its best by making interesting settings. Started in the early morning at 4.30 am here in India, we got to witness a hell of exciting matchups including Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens, Samy Zayn vs Daniel Bryan and others.


The main event’s night started along with Rob Gronkowski and Mojo Rawley joining in. The first of the main event took place between Alexa Bliss-Nikki Cross and Kabuki Warriors (Kairi Sane and Asuka) for Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Let’s take a look at the results of some Wrestlemania 36 matches-

Wrestlemania 36: Unusual Twist To Seth Rollins VS Kevin Owens' Match & Other Results
Wrestlemania 36: Unusual Twist To Seth Rollins VS Kevin Owens’ Match & Other Results

1) Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross VS Kabuki Warriors comprising of Kairi Sane and Asuka (Women’s Tag Team Championship)

With full of energy and ready to make history at the grandest stage, Alexa and Nikki give out what it takes. After a lot of exchange of action, Alexa performs a twisted Bliss on Sane and covers her for the pinfall. Yay! we got our new tag team champs with Alexa and Nikki. The duo ended six months reign of Sane and Asuka.

2) Elias VS King Corbin
Not much of an exciting matchup though but it got interesting towards the end when Elias score a roll-up pinfall victory to dethrone Corbin.

3) Becky Lynch VS Shayna Baszler (Women’s Raw Championship)
Becky’s rise as a ‘man’ is truly worth mentioning as she won her title from Ronda Rousey and defends it against Baszler. At first, Baszler dominated by smashing Becky on the tables. She further continues to dominate with a Karifuda Clutch but Becky counters by rolling backward to turn it into a pinfall for a win. Incredible! Becky retains the title and continues the reign for over 360 days.


4) Samy zayn VS Daniel Bryan (Intercontinental Championship)
The matchup starts with a bit of trash talk. It’s quite an interesting one with great athleticism showed by both the wrestlers but Cesaro and Nakamura who accompanies Samy, distracts Bryan. Bryan launches suicide dive on both distractors and gets to the top rope but only to get caught by Samy’s helluva kick. And Samy retains the title.

5) Kofi Kingston (The New Day) VS Jimmy Uso (Usos) VS John Morrison (One half of the Tag Team Champions along with The Miz) (Triple Threat Ladder Match for Smackdown Tag Team Championship)
With all three of the high flyers, the match just gets every bit of interesting. Along with Kofi’s moves, we got to see John’s Starship pain. It all ended with a great climax. All three men climbed up the ladder and hold onto the rig of titles to clip them off but it’s John who gets lucky to pull the belts while getting a knock off. He retains the title for himself and partner, The Miz.

6) Seth Rollins VS Kevin Owens
One of the highly anticipated matches of the night. The rivalry starts with Kevin launching punches on Rollins and picks up the momentum. But Rollins turns the tables by a couple of powerful slams on Owens. Rollins hits Owens with a timekeeper’s bell only to get disqualified and Owens emerges victorious. But wait, it’s not over as Owens challenges him again and this time for the no-disqualification match, as he wants to get some of Rollins in his own style. Owens launches himself from Wrestlemania’s signboard to demolish Rollins through the announcing table. Owens, at last, seals it with a stunner and picks up a win in his own way.

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