Netflix Star Maisa Abd Elhadi Shot By Israeli Forces
Maisa Abd Elhadi Injured After Being Shot By Israeli Forces (Pic Credit : Facebook/Maisa Abd Elhadi)

If you are following the news, you would be aware of the current situation in Israel. Following a court order, dozens of Palestinian families are facing eviction from their homes. This has resulted in escalating tension in the city, leading to widespread protests wherein people are facing security action. As a result of this protest, Netflix star Maisa Abd Elhadi have been shot.

Maisa revealed that she had been shot by the Israeli forces during a protest in Haifa, Israel. She informed her followers about this attack and wrote a long emotional note about participating in this protest. Keep scrolling further.



According to reports in Deadline, Netflix star Maisa Abd Elhadi also took part in the protests in Haifa wherein she was injured. The internet went crazy after a picture of her in the back of an ambulance started circulating on social media. After this, the actress shared her experience on Instagram.

Maisa Abd Elhadi took to her Instagram and revealed to her followers that she had been shot in the leg by Israeli Forces.

“On Sunday, I took part in a peaceful protest in Haifa; we were chanting, singing, expressing our anger using our voices. I personally was chanting and filming the events taking place. A short while after the protest began, the soldiers began firing stun grenades and gas grenades, and I realised that things are beginning to escalate,” she wrote.

Maisa Abd Elhadi added, “I stood on the sidewalk, in a place that seemed safe, I was alone, and my back was facing the soldiers filming the Palestinian flag over the Bahai Gardens – in short, I did not pose a threat to anyone. I began to march towards my car, and I heard a very loud boom very close to me, and I felt that my jeans got torn! That is the first thing I felt!”

“I tried to continue walking, but I couldn’t, and I realised that the blood is spilling from my leg and that my skin is torn apart”. The actress alleged that it took 30 minutes for an ambulance to reach her because Israeli Police “prevented it from entering the site and helping the injured protestors”.

“The police and the occupation forces do not hesitate to attack or kill any Palestinian regardless of whether he or she poses a threat or not. This is not the first time the police and the army assault in peaceful protests. I had no doubt that as a Palestinian, I am constantly facing immediate threat, but this time it became clear that we are at the war front, and the only thing that is separating us from death is luck,” Maisa Abd Elhadi concluded. Check out her post below.

Maisa has revealed in the post that she is now recovering from the incident and is “feeling much better”.

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