Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was seen sporting some red nail polish on his daughter’s insistence.

The 46-year-old action star shared a photo of himself getting his nails done by his two and half years old daughter Jasmine Lia.

Dwayne Johnson's daughter paints his nails red
Dwayne Johnson Along With Being Strong Is SUPER CUTE; Here’s The Proof!

In the Instagram caption, Johnson revealed that he couldn’t say no to his little girl when she offered as he tried to say goodbye before going to work, reports people.com.

“‘Daddy you need your nails painted. No daddy you really need your nails painted.’,” Johnson recalled Jasmine insisting.

He said he was also swayed by “her mama’s gorgeous blue eyes”.

Happy with the end product, Johnson called said it was all part of his “Papa bear priorities”. He told his fans, “No remover needed.”

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