Santrampur – Ominous banyan trees with sinewy hanging roots, a pebbled path snaking through the foliage, an arched gate with a dark hazy structure beyond. Santrampur is an unwelcoming sight to the challenger from the word go. As the challengers walk forward, the arched gate seems as though it swallows you. The actual palace beyond the gate starts expanding. As the challenger walks ahead, the vastness of the palace envelops him. The fear has already set in. Welcome to Santrampur. A place situated in Gujarat 80 kms. from Baroda.The haveli spread across 2.25 lakh sq ft area where no one has been alone from last 48 yrs will see three challengers going alone one by one in pitch dark in the middle of the night to find THE CHAIR.

The episode opens with flashes of one of the contestants – Krati, petrified, screaming & walking the thin line between sanity and insanity. Chang, the anchor, Introduces the basic concept of the show, i.e where ordinary people are going to do something very different-people will go to the most haunted locations in India & try to speak to the dead. The location is finally revealed to the viewer and with the help of the local people speaking about the place & Chang’s narrative, the stories surrounding Santrampur are revealed. It is a story of a girl who haunts the place & whose voice people have heard in the night. There is sorrow, betrayal, captivity and insanity, all the elements that lead one to believe that the haunting is legitimate and the energy is real. Chang continues the story of the girl & says the contestant will find out whether the story is true or not.

Then Chang leads into introducing the hypnotherapist -Swati Prakash, which is followed with her profile where she speaks of her role in the show as a spiritual healer and hypnotherapist. Before the contestant enter the haveli swati & chang do a thorough check of the energies in the palace. Swati, while investigating, delves further upon the story of the palace and the history of the haunting. It is not pleasant news as she confirms the presence of energies apart for her own and Chang’s. The contestants enter the location & chang welcomes them & introduces the concept of the show & the task they have to do. Swati joins chang to tell them their task & purify their auras – a very necessary procedure to prevent any supernatural accidents. They then decide who will go in the haveli alone to find the chair. The three challengers go one by one to find the chair but only one succeeds. The dark belly of the palace consumes the other 2 contestants as they lose their way and go into an endless search for the chair.

The successful challenger is told that through her we will try to speak to the spirits present in the haveli. Swati begins the chair session with the winner on the chair in the room alone n swati in the control room takes her through hypnosis. The challenger in her state of trance makes contact with the spirit so fearfully talked about. But contact is not a cake walk. Swati wants to heal the spirit so that she can be free & can take on a new birth. But after all these decades, maybe centuries of staying there, will this energy leave? The episode ends with a question that’s playing heavily on everyone’s mind.

Do the dead really speak?

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