Mamta – Satya
Relationship Status – Committed
They have been dating each other for the past 9 months.


Mamta and Satya are on UTV Bindass Love Lockup this week. They have been dating each other for the past 9 months. They met each other during a reality show and became good friends. Just a couple of days after the show Satya proposed Mamta but she said yes only after 2 months as she wanted to be sure that he was the right person for her.

Both of them love each other. Though they belong to different backgrounds, (Mamta is a Bengali and Satya is Punjabi) there is immense love between them. But at the same time both of them belong to different lifestyles and have different ways of thinking because of which there are fights and misunderstandings between them.

Love Lockup Mamta–Satya Stills

The problems have started as Mamta thinks that Satya is very short tempered now. If he gets angry he starts to break things and sometimes even gets into physical fights. Also, both Mamta and Satya have had past relationships which are definitely affecting their present. Mamta gets very irritated with the fact that Satya is still close to his ex-girlfriends, especially Vishakha. At the same time Satya gets irritated with Mamta’s friend Vineet.

This is not all, both of them have never spent quality time with each other. Everytime there are friends around them. Mamta also wants Satya to be classy and dress up in a classy way. Satya wants Mamta to act like a future wife who is supposed to be modern yet cultured. So all of this leads to adjustment problems. Both have strong egos and no matter who is wrong they don’t admit their mistakes.

Love Lockup Mamta–Satya Stills

First to go in was Vishakha, Satya’s ex-girlfriend. She does not like Mamta as she thinks that she has made Satya like a puppet who will act and behave as per her wish. Next is, Vineet, Mamta’s friend. He has feelings for Mamta but has never been able to  express them to her as Satya was always around. He does not like Satya as he feels he is not the right guy for her. He thinks she deserves someone better. Someone like him. He feels that Satya is not loyal to Mamta.

Sarika was next to go to help the couple out. She is both Mamta and Satya’s friend. Satya is very short tempered and so often fights happen. Both Vineet and Vishakha are equally responsible for the differences between them.




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