Aryan Vaid and his wife Alexandra Copley, aka Alex, regret marrying each other. As soon as they enter the lock up they start fighting. When Aryan brings up the issue of her not respecting his family, a major fight breaks out which results in them throwing things around and breaking mugs and plates in the lock up. Alex also slaps Aryan twice and asks him not to touch her ever again when he tries holding her hand as she walks away.

Alex asks him to accept that he has cheated on her in the past, something that she got to know from the other girl. He refuses. Aryan’s mom comes to lockup and when they bring up the fact that it is an Indian tradition that young people touch the feet of elders and the purpose is to seek blessings, Alex actually asks Aryan’s mother why she does not then touch Alex’s feet for blessings.

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The mother then makes Alex wear a sari and Aryan puts sindoor on Alex for the first time. The next day Alex asks Aryan why he works out so much. According to her, he has a extra bulky body which is not model-like at all. She says that he looks bad in his photos and an activity is given to them where in she is asked to get him to pose for her and she has to photograph him. Alex does not respect his profession and thinks he isn’t a good model. They argue about his poses and he brings up the fact that since she is a photographer, she should know how to direct him. They end up fighting again. Aryan’s friend. Chaitanya, walks in and asks Aryan to calm down a little. Alex’s friend Jesse and Sharon enter and take Alex’s side throughout the fight. The girls cook food and don’t even ask Aryan and his friend for food. Aryan’s sister, Poonam, comes to the lock up with food for Aryan. Aryan’s mom comes and Alex tells her that they are planning to settle in USA and Aryan’s mom starts crying hearing that.

Episode 2

Alex has been telling Aryan for a long time that she wants a baby but Aryan refuses to have one. Aryan clarifies that he likes babies but is not ready for a baby yet. To make Alex realize that raising a baby is difficult he asks for a baby in the lock up. A kid is sent inside the lock up and initially Alex plays with him and pampers him, but when the boy starts being naughty, hitting her and throwing things around, she gets very tired and annoyed. After the kid leaves, Alex finds Aryan’s wedding ring next to the kitchen sink. She gets very angry with Aryan and asks him why he removes the ring everyday. She thinks he does so because he has been cheating on her. The fight escalates and Alex throws a glass at Aryan while fighting. Later when Alex’s friends come in Aryan throws a glass at the friends and asks Alex how it looks throwing glasses at someone. Alex starts crying and then Aryan goes on his knees wears the ring and they patch up. They then have a very romantic dinner and dance at night.

Next day when Aryan’s mother and sister come into the lock up in the morning Alex throws a fit saying she wants a separation. After the mother and sister leave Aryan asks her if she really wanted to get separated but Alex keeps quiet. Aryan gets aggressive and pulls Alex’s hand when she refuses to answer. Alex gets angry and slaps Aryan very hard. They do not talk to each other till they leave the lock up. It is time to decide the fate of their marriage. Do they part ways or do they start afresh?

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