Delhi student couple Nitesh Bharadwaj and Charu Dingari enter the lock up.

Episode 1
The couple enters the lock up and meet Pravesh, but soon enough, they start fighting when Charu says Nitesh does not fulfill her physical needs. Pravesh hears out their issues and wishes them luck and leaves. Nitesh and Charu then take a look around the house. Both argue over the topic of their friends. Nitesh says he has problems with Charu’s friends especially Pratiek. He says Pratiek is gay and there is something fishy about him. Charu says he’s just a good friend. That’s when Pratiek goes inside the lock-up and there’s a big fight over the gay issue. Nitesh says that he has a problem with Pratiek which will only be solved if Charu ties him a rakhi on national TV. Pratiek agrees to get a rakhi tied by Charu only if Nitesh treats her properly for the next few days. They argue about Pratiek being gay. Pratiek says he is not and maybe Nitesh is gay. They calm down for some time and Pratiek leaves telling Nitesh to behave properly with Charu. After some time Nitesh talks about Charu’s suicidal tendencies and how she consumed pills when she broke up with her ex-boyfriend. Charu says that Nitesh can’t kiss any girl and she feels that Nitesh’s ex-girlfriend left him because he did not satisfy her physically. Charu says that Nitesh checks out girls in front of her at metro stations and talks about how hot they are which makes her very angry. After discussing this issue for sometime, they get a game to play and they start playing the truth and dare dart game.

UTV Bindass Love Lockup – Nitesh & Charu

During the game Charu asks him whether he makes excuses when she asks him to meet her and he confesses that 20 percent of the time he does lie. Nitesh then dares Charu to seduce him with a strawberry. The fights of the day ebb away as they get a little cozy.

Next day Prateik and Vishal, Nitesh’s friend enter lockup. Soon enough they all get into a huge abusive fight where Vishal and Nitesh team up against Pratiek calling him gay. Pratiek gets very angry at Vishal and the 3 of them get into a physical fight where, Nitesh gets hurt on his hand. Nitesh then is given a task where he has to cook pulao for Charu and Prateik. He manages to cook the dish with Vishal’s help.

When Nitesh serves Prateik the food, Prateik refuses to eat saying “Don’t you dare give me that food or else I’ll throw it.” They argue over Prateik and Charu being too close continues and Nitesh now asks the Charu to tie Prateik a rakhi, only then will he believe there is nothing fishy between them.

Episode 2
The crew sends in a rakhi and Charu agrees to tie that on Prateik.

But Vishal takes Nitesh aside saying that she is willing to do it, and after that even if there is something between them you can’t say anything. So Nitesh backs out asking Prateik and Vishal to leave. After sometime Vishal and Yogesh, Nitesh’s brother, enter followed by Vipin, Charu’s friend. Charu and Nitesh get into a fight in front of their friends where Nitesh almost hits her. Just then Prateik enters and hits Nitesh with a broom. Vipin who has been watching all this, calms them down. All the friends leave the lock up and Nitesh and Charu go to bed, with lots of doubts and anger in their minds.

UTV Bindass Love Lockup – Nitesh & Charu

Next day Charu and Nitesh fight over the Nitesh’s allegation that Charu can go to any level to get work in modelling. Yogesh, Nitesh’s brother, enters the lock up and asks Nitesh if he really loves her. Nitesh says that he does not really want to be with Charu but is scared to tell her because she has a suicidal tendency and he is worried she may hurt herself and he will be held responsible.

Will they have the guts to call it quits or will they remain in this relationship that seems fairly harmful to both parties?

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