Priyanka Chopra And Shah Rukh Khan
Priyanka Chopra And Shah Rukh Khan

The grapevine is abuzz with the news that Shah Rukh Khan’s VFX Studio will apparently help recreate Priyanka Chopra’s Mary Kom look in her upcoming film. Priyanka, who is due to begin work on Omung Kumar’s biopic on Mary Kom, five time World Boxing champion, just wrapped up the shooting for Krrish 3


According to a leading daily, the film’s makers had initially decided on using prosthetics to create the mongoloid features on PC’s face, like the population from North east zone of India. The use of prosthetics was mildly ruled out after much contemplation when it was analyzed that the film will have multiple boxing ring scenes since it is about a boxing champion.

The incessant punching will wear out the prosthetics. So, in order to make her look more enduring, the Northeastern features will be added at VFX in the film’s post production period. But the film director informed a leading daily that both options are being considered and will be used accordingly after weighing them wisely. Reportedly Priyanka Chopra will also been seen sporting a headgear in many fight sequences of the film.

Since the film is still in its early stages, they are measuring their options and trying to take the best possible option out of it. However, Kumar discreetly denied to confirm the news of roping in Shah Rukh Khan’s VFX studios to help him out with the film’s post production.




  1. Dear Sirs,
    I was contacted in late May by Shoaib Sayed and Saiwyn Quadras of Blue Lotus Productions, Mumbai, about doing some prosthetic tests for Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom. After providing a couple Photoshop renderings for $325 USD, they requested I meet the actress on April 7th at her Los Angeles hotel for a face cast and makeup tests. The process of creating a prosthetic requires the actor’s facial reproduction in order to sculpt a new look upon, and then this is molded and cast in a very expensive silicone material.
    From April 7-14 I visited her 3 times, with different sculpted prosthetics, at the Beverly-Wilshire Hotel, and cordially performed a series of evolving Asian ethnic prosthetic eyelid looks.
    Above is the last version, which Priyanka was comfortable with. Blue Lotus’s Saiwyn Quadra’s, received all the photos of my work, and then stopped returning calls or texts. For the next 10 days, all at Blue Lotus refuse to discuss the matter of payment, which I reduced to $4,500 USD for my material expenses and labor. I accept they have cheered me, and therefore these images are yours for print free of charge and without legal penalty. They are the legal property of Mark Garbarino, as no payment was ever made to me from an outside entity.

  2. I worked on Michael Mann’s ALI, doing prosthetics for John Voight as Howard Cosell, the broadcaster.
    All the fight scenes involved physical contact and all fighter wore prosthetics, provided by my friends Brian Sipe and Margret Prentice. This Film production has no experience in this genera, and only hope to reduce costs of makeup by believing false promises of a Visual Effects Company. Visual effects will animate every frame of footage with Priyanka, to adjust her eyes? Lets wait and see how funny that will be, and for sure far more expensive that shooting in real time a practical makeup effect.


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