Brand Ranbir Kapoor is apparently the next big thing in Bollywood. While Bollywood brands are reflective of successful work, actors’ brand image is more a tapestry of their popularity, fan following and mostly box office success. While Salman Khan is perhaps the most successful brand in Bollywood these days, the young Kapoor lad with his latest flick Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani escalating up the box office is now one of the established actor in Bollywood.

Despite his film not claiming a public holiday release; it within a week of its release boldly catapulted itself into the 100 crore club. Using the Ranbir magic, along with Dharma’s intrinsic brand value, Ranbir’s latest film became one of the speediest money spinners of this year! But Ranbir remains unfazed from all the new found success in his life. It is charming to see the young actor single mindedly focusing on his career. He maintains that he remains detached from successes and failures to remain grounded!

Ranbir Kapoor in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Movie Stills
Ranbir Kapoor in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Movie Stills


Ranbir’s brand value has increased since Rockstar after which Anurag Basu’s Barfi won him the love of both critics and audiences! YJHD is a manifestation of a success that flows from his past works. He has meticulously built his brand image. With an unsurpassable connecting ability with India’s youngistan, Brand Ranbir is more relatable than many of the other older superstars! It is an element that works for him, and young Kapoor uses it right!

Reports from reliable sources suggest that Ranbir already is one of Bollywood’s highest paid actors. The man charges 15 crores per film plus judicious share in the film’s profits, whereas for endorsing brands he charges Rs 10-12 crores. All of 30 now, Ranbir is indeed carrying forward the family name and legacy. Being Raj Kapoor’s grandson is a shoe too large to fit, but Ranbir seems to accommodating himself quite well.

Brand Ranbir is soaring not because his films are performing well or his fan following is at its zenith! It is because the man doesn’t let success interfere with his work quality. Managing to remain close to versatility, R.K chooses scripts that harness his potential to the fullest. However, he isn’t as boastful to say numbers don’t matter. Luckily they have been extremely favorable for him. Since Anjaana Anjaani, he recorded an approximate of 40% growth with each film, in a matter of merely 10 films so far.

When in a review, I claimed that Ranbir Kapoor is the next superstar, it wasn’t a casual statement I made. With facts strongly validating the same, since Saawariya he has come a long way in Bollywood. His first film was barely tolerable, and six years later with diligence and perseverance he has attained it. Riding high on stardom, there is way more in Ranbir Kapoor that being a mere inkling and successor of an illustrious Bollywood family! He is a star, a tag which he has earned, every bit of it. And Brand Ranbir is here to remain and create greater records!




  1. salman s biggest brand now? Oh ? That’s a new news .
    in d forbes list SRK was number 1 .with less movies n more income from advertisement deals.:…
    it indeed proves who is d biggest brand ..
    stop being biased..

  2. Nice to see some people burning with frustration and jealousy just because Ranbir is a rising star now. Don’t believe me? Check the comments. Haha!! Well done to Ranbir :D


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