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‘Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi’ is back again and he seems to be in form for yet another box office century. With the music of Khiladi 786, what is in the offering is a blend of new and old that has all in it to do well amongst the masses. Music is composed by Himesh Reshammiya (who is also the co-producer of the film as well as co-actor) and he uses his versatility quite aptly by giving a festive bonanza to the listeners.

Akshay Kumar in a song in Khiladi 786 Movie Stills
Akshay Kumar in a song in Khiladi 786 Movie Stills

Khiladi 786 Music Review: Lonely

Album kicks off with rap in the vocals of Yo Yo Honey Singh who is further joined by Himesh Reshammiya and Hamsika Iyer. Surprisingly though, the beginning of the album is not as per the high expectations that were set and unlike many other tracks of the album to follow (which are indeed interesting and happening), this one (which is written by Shabbir Ahmed) just passes muster despite a ‘remix version’ to boast of.

Khiladi 786 Music Review: Balma

It has been 35 years since R.D. Burman came up with the blockbuster track Mehbooba Mehbooba in Bollywood’s biggest film ever – Sholay. To refresh one’s memory, Himesh brings the same style of composition in Balma. There is similar charisma, charm and liveliness in here as well, hence resulting in recreation of some perfect magic. Result? You hunt for a dance floor.

Himesh’s work has been complimented well by Shreya Ghoshal as her sensual voice infuses an element of life in the track with singer Shriram doing well too. Moreover Sameer’s lyrics are really catchy and will surely get attention of the masses. Truly an atom bomb! The track has a ‘remix version’ which seamlessly adds on beats to head for the party circuits. It further invites you to get you moving.

Khiladi 786 Music Review: Long Drive

Next track Long Drive is quite an interesting piece by Himesh as it starts with a rock theme on a guitar and soon bring on an interesting set of ‘desi’ beats. With Punjabi dynamite Mika Singh joining in soon after, you know the track is headed in the right direction. Long Drive has beautiful arrangements that amalgamate happiness and joy while adding a pinch of Sufi as well that succeeds in bringing on smiles. Lyrics by Sameer are interesting while the ‘Bhangra Mix’ version is all the more entertaining. Expect this one to be a show stopper at marriages, parties and discotheques.

Khiladi 786 Music Review: Saari Saari Raat

With Saari Saari Raat, Himesh holds fort and comes behind the mike to showcase his mettle. A mix of soothing music along with stunning poetic creation from Shabbir Ahmed results in a song that would go down exceedingly well with the love birds. The romantic track which moves at a leisurely pace and has a soothing effect on ears, it is a delight for ear and soul.

Khiladi 786 Music Review: Hookah Bar

The album moves ahead with Hookah Bar which sees Himesh Reshammiya, Vineet Singh and Aman Trikha coming together. The track takes off with 440 Volts of electrifying music that includes appealing and catchy poetic lines written by Himesh himself. The track sets up the mood of celebration and carnival while the ‘remix version’ only aids in ensuring that it enjoys a long run.

Khiladi 786 Music Review: Khiladi Bhaiyya – Title Track

The title track of an album should ideally be quite attractive, interesting and theme based. Well, Khiladi Bhaiyya is just apt for the occasion and offers quite a similar representation. Versatile vocals of Vineet Singh are joined by Aman Trikha, Yashraj Kapil, Alam Gir Khan and Rajdeep Chatterjee, who come together as one voice and make the track all the more noticeable and appreciable, thus emerging as a perfect team. Shabbir’s lyrics are multi colored (as signified in the song as well) while the ‘remix version’ perks up the album further.

Khiladi 786 Music Review: Tu Hoor Pari

For Tu Hoor Pari, Himesh tries to experiment as he mixes Qawalli along with Punjabi folk with Javed Ali, Chandrakala Singh, Shreya Ghoshal and Harshdeep Kaur coming together. The composition turns out to be an average piece though with the highlight being the female vocals that score over the male counterparts. Even Shabbir’s lyrics don’t really make you go wow.

Khiladi 786 Music Review: The Last Word

Still, despite an average beginning and end to the album, it is the middle portions with five solid songs – most notably Balma, Hookah Bar and Sari Sari Raat – that do well to promise an entertaining ride ahead. Expect these massy numbers to reach out to the interiors and make a splash.




  1. Good review… Great music by Himesh reshammiya.. all set to rule this Diwali.. Akshay and Himesh are all set for a century this December…after the super success of OMG


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