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The first notion that Go Goa Gone claims is that it is generously motivated by Ram Sampath. Perhaps after Delhi Belly, this film is the first album that has dared to come up with such a dauntingly offensive yet admirable album. The musical duo of Sachin-Jigar instantly shot to fame after their marvelous track Saibo from Shor in The Cty. This time around the duo is back with a different beat of music, contemporary, quirky and more urbane! The album is a spooky yet fun filled escapade, living up to its Zom-Com genre!

Anand Tiwari And Kunal Khemu In Go goa Gone Movie Stills
Anand Tiwari And Kunal Khemu In Go goa Gone Movie Stills

 Slowly Slowly – Go Goa Gone Music Review

The song is bound to be the year’s favorite disco track! The lyricist is evidently gutsy to use such abusive lyrics and yet manage to make the song appealing to a larger repertoire of masses. The quasi retro beats go well on the outrageous lyrics of the song that begins – “Raat Hai Ek W***e…”. Talia Bentson overshadows Jigar for most part of it, yet the chants are important to make the song it is. Brilliantly imaginative, it undoubtedly scores as the album’s best track! Gear up with your alcohol and wash down your weekdays’ stress with a shot of this track at the nearest disc this weekend!

Khoon Choosle – Go Goa Gone Music Review

Most will admit that they uncannily relate to this track. Claustrophobic in the garb of pressurizing mundane work, the lazy Garfield within each of us need excessive effort to get kick started off to work on Mondays. Hitting off with the eerie cooing of pigeons, the track will have you tripping on it. Lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya, this is an excellent offering from the album.

Babaji Ki Booti – Go Goa Gone Music Review

It is full of wit and has a tangy flavor to it. Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics, does it again for the song! It is great for its zappy beats that strike and not hammer! Sachin and Jigar add on to the film’s established genius by virtue of its lyrics. The writer is a genius and there are no-second opinions on that!

Khushamdeed – Go Goa Gone Music Review

This one is a soothing number that croons in its minimal and smooth tunes. Though being a romantic number, there might be a pre-conceived inflated expectations from it, being a second Saibo – which it clearly isn’t. A hummable melodious track in the honeyed voice of Shreya Ghosal, the lovely lyrics is clearly the song’s USP.

I Keel Dead Peepal – Go Goa Gone Music Review

It is the film’s musical theme. Built on a techno base, the song is indeed spine chilling! Saif Ali Khan conspicuously predominate the track with his voice recurring at the beginning as well as ending! Recognizing it from the trailer, the song concludes on a hilarious note!

The Last Word – Go Goa Gone Music Review

I am going with a 3 on 5 for Sachin-Jigar’s upcoming album Go Goa Gone. Slowly Slowly and Khushamdeed are my special picks from their list. The onus is mainly diverted towards the film’s upbeat videos to make these masterpiece songs miraculous ones. The beats of most of these songs will hang on to you for quite sometime. The music director duo portray persistent sincerity all through, which is commendable.




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