Josh Brolin AKA Thanos Fans, From Deadpool 2 To No Country for Old Men - 5 Films That You MUST Binge-Watch This Weekend!
Josh Brolin AKA Thanos Fans, From Deadpool 2 To No Country for Old Men – 5 Films That You MUST Binge-Watch This Weekend! (Pic credit: IMDb)

Whenever we hear the name Josh Brolin, the first thing that comes to our mind is the mighty Thanos from the Avengers films. While we all loved him as the dreaded antagonist, there are many other films too where Brolin has given his all. So as we enter this much desired weekend, Koimoi lists down top 5 films of the Academy Award nominated actor that you must binge watch this weekend.

We assure you that after being a fan of Thanos the character; you will also become an admirer of Josh Brolin – the actor. Read on:

No Country for Old Men

If you haven’t seen this film as yet, then we insist you must. With a stellar cast of Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, and Josh Brolin, No Country For Old Men is a classic cat and mouse chase film that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the narrative. Brolin plays a hunter whose life takes an unexpected turn when he stumbles upon a drug deal gone wrong along with more than two million dollars in cash.

Trivia: Did you know Brolin later went on to play a younger version of his co-star Tommy Lee Jones’ character, Agent K in the 2012 film, Men in Black 3.

The Goonies

Considered to be a cult film, Josh Brolin had made his big screen debut with this Richard Donner directorial, which was produced by Steven Spielberg. Revolving around a group of young kids who call themselves The Goonies, they stumble upon a treasure map and head out on an adventure to hunt for a 17th-century pirate’s long-lost treasure. Brolin plays Brandon “Brand” Walsh, one of the Goonies. Believe us, this can be your perfect Sunday watch.

Trivia: June 7 has been declared as ‘Goonies Day’ by the Mayor of Astoria, where the movie was filmed. That’s some love we must say.

Hail, Caesar!

Directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, this 2016 black comedy had opened to mix reviews. However, if you are looking for a relaxing time this weekend then we highly recommend this film. Featuring Josh Brolin as a ‘fixer’ who keeps actors’ scandals out of the media glare, Hail, Caesar! also features many other Hollywood heavyweights like George Clooney, Frances McDormand and Scarlett Johansson. Watch it for the performances too.

Trivia: This is Brolin’s third film with the Coen brothers after No Country for Old Men (2007) and True Grit (2010). You now have another reason to watch this film, isn’t it?

Deadpool 2

What can we say about this film? The Ryan Reynolds starrer Deadpool franchise is loved all over the world, and when Josh Brolin comes on board to play the time-traveling cybernetic soldier Cable in part 2, it just works as an icing on the cake. Watch this superhero film for the action and the laughter.

Trivia: At one point in the film, Deadpool tells Cable, “Give me your best shot, One-Eyed Willy.” Interestingly, the latter was the pirate character in Brolin’s 1985 film, The Goonies. Trust Deadpool for these jokes.

Avengers films

This list cannot be complete without the mention of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. As much as we love our Robert Downey Jr. as the Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America and Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk among others, it cannot be denied that Josh Brolin made Thanos one of our favourite villains too. There is never a wrong time to go back and rewatch this magnanimous film, and if it’s the weekend then definitely why not.

Trivia: According to IMDB, Brolin had based his characterisation on Colonel Walter Kurtz, Marlon Brando’s role from the 1979 film, Apocalypse Now.

Which are your other Josh Brolin favourite films? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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