The House Of Mouse Is Changing & Over The Years We Have Met Some Pretty Realistic Disney Couples Like The Incredibles’ Bob & Hellen Parr, Up’s Carl & Ellie Fredricksen & More
The Incredibles, Up & More – Check Out These Realistic Disney Couples (Photo Credit: IMDb)

And they lived happily ever after. When we make this statement, what is the first thing that comes to mind – Disney? Well, we don’t blame you. Over the years, we have grown with some unrealistic couple goals, all thanks to the House Of The Mouse. But in recent times, the studio has given us some deep and realistic Disney couples along with their typical prince and princess pairings.

From falling in love with one another and accepting the other’s shortcomings to married couples putting their relationship to the test and rising to the occasions, a good many Disney couples have gotten more realistic in recent years.

So today, from The Incredibles’ Bob & Hellen Parr to Up’s Carl & Ellie Fredricksen, check out these 5 Disney couples who are as real as we are.

Bob And Hellen Parr -The Incredibles

To me, The Incredibles’ Bob and Hellen Parr are the most realistic Disney couple because not only are they superheroes but also because they have to keep that identity a secret while raising a family and handling a professional life. Exactly how we have to deal with life!

This superheroes couple first meet while on the job but over some time – and government policies – concentrate on their family while also saving the world on the side. They struggle, they argue, but they do all in their power to stay together and rise to the occasion.

Carl And Ellie Fredricksen – Up

As sweet as their love story is, it is equally heartbreaking. Up’s Carl and Ellie are opposites of each other, and it is evident right from the moment they are married. While Ellie is vibrant and full of life, Carl is stoic and grump, making this Disney couple the personification of opposites attract.

The Fredricksens build their home together, and when they aren’t able to have kids of their own, they decide to embark on an adventure just like every other couple in the real world. Keeping as real as possible, the film shows how different circumstances can throw a spanner in one’s plans, but love is what is need till the very end.

Rapunzel And Flynn Rider – Tangled

Tangled is Disney’s most recent adaptation of Rapunzel and we really, really want to see the princess and Flynn Rider’s, aka Eugene’s love story. The duo first meets when Flynn robbed the crown from the palace and headed to hid in the forest and the tower.

After emotionally blackmailing him to take her to see the lanterns, this Disney couple embarks on an adventure filled journey where they were destined to fall in love. Trust us; a movie won’t be enough to satisfy our need for their love story – we will need a series. Another interesting making this duo a realistic Disney couple is that Flynn is not a typical House of Mouse prince and Rapunzel is smarter than most princesses.

Nick And Judy – Zootopia

There was nothing official about this rabbit and the fox, but their relationship was kind of hinted at the end of the Disney film. Nick and Judy are an unlikely couple who in this world would never survive, given that one is the meal of the other.

Breaking these barriers and showing that if enough work is put into a relationship, anything can succeed. The duo first forms an unlikely friendship and help each other in their social and emotional struggles. They go through as many ups and downs – if not more- than an average couple.

Tiana And Naveen (The Princess And The Frog)

Prince Naveen is the definition of imperfect. He is a playboy who has been cut off from his family’s riches in order to learn the value of responsibility, and turning into a frog certainly humbles him. When they first meet, Princess Tiana and Naveen are at odd but soon warm up to each other and realize closely but surely they are perfect for each other.

Their love is so true that they are willing to remain frogs in order to stay together. After transforming back to humans, Naveen and Tiana get married, and Naveen helps make her dream of owning a restaurant come true. During the course of their journey, Tiana too makes her love more responsible and down to earth.

We all need to find a partner like Disney couple whole not only love you for you but also help achieve your goals.

Which Disney couple is the most realistic, according to you? Let us know in the comments.

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