Charlie Sheen To Ryan Gosling: Take A Look At Hollywood Celebs Who Were Fired From Major Productions
Charlie Sheen To Ryan Gosling: Top 5 Hollywood Celebs Who Were Fired From Major Productions(Pic Credit: Wikipedia)

Hollywood celebrities are paid a huge sum to feature in films and TV shows. After getting famous, they have to deal with endless headlines and speculation every time they get fired from major roles. Here are some of the Hollywood actors and actresses who were fired from the respective movies/shows or just simply left them.

Charlie Sheen- Two And A Half Men


Charlie Sheen has always been controversies favourite child. Back in 2011, the actor made a lot of inflammatory remarks against the showrunner and Warner Bros. He also accused the producers of paying him peanuts as compared to what the show was earning. Sheen’s allegation came when he was the highest-paid actor on TV at the time. He also demanded a 50% raise in his remuneration. However, his demands were not met and Ashton Kutcher was roped in to replace Charlie.

Kevin Spacey – House Of Cards


After American actor Anthony Rapp revealed to the public about Kevin Spacey’s predatorial behaviour, the latter’s character Frank Underwood was killed off on the show. As per reports, several Hollywood actors had reported harassment a number of times against Spacey but somehow no action had previously been taken against him.

Katherine Heigl – Grey’s Anatomy

Katherine Heigl played the role of Dr Izzie Stevens in ABC’s medical drama television series Grey’s Anatomy for six long years. Her career took off and she started getting films like Knocked Up, 27 Dresses, and The Ugly Truth. The Hollywood actress one fine day didn’t turn up on the sets of Grey’s Anatomy. And a few days later, reports revealed that the actress was released from her contract.

Ryan Gosling- The Lovely Bones

Ryan Gosling is one of the most hardworking and dedicated actors in Hollywood. He is well-known for going to extreme lengths to nail the character. After he was cast for the film to play the role of Jack Salmon, Ryan went on to gain 27 kilos for the role without consulting the director Peter Jackson. The latter had a different interpretation of the character in his mind and ended up firing Gosling.

Megan Fox – Transformers

When Megan Fox was promoting her 2009 film Jennifer’s Body, she compared Transformers director Micheal Bay to Hitler during a conversation with an outlet. She then also refused to apologise for her remarks against the action director. This left producer Steven Speilberg infuriated and fired Meghan Fox. She was then replaced by Rose Huntington-Whiteley.

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