Chandler & Joey’s Apartment Was Home To Every Friend! Here’s When They Lived In It
FRIENDS: Read On To When & Why Each Member Of The Group Called Chandler & Joey’s Apartment Home(Pic Credit: FRIENDS Episode Still)

NCB’s FRIENDS was about the bonds shared between six young adults living in New York City as they navigate their personal, professional and social lives. While each of the six had their own home and offices, there is no denying that Central Perk and Monica Geller’s apartments, quite a few interesting things also took place in Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani’s apartment.


Be it Chandler professing his love for Monica as she danced with a Turkey on her head or Rachel trying to get cosy with Ross by recalling the ‘backpacking through Europe’ story, this apartment has its special moments.


So why are we bringing this up? Well, a while ago we told you how all the friends stayed in Monica’s apartment ( ), today we bring you a list of when and why they moved into Chandler and Joey’s apartment. Scroll down and be impressed.

Chandler Bing

The first Friends character to call Chandler and Joey’s apartment home is Chandler Bing – obviously. Though this happened before the show even began, we know he wasn’t the only resident there as he previously had a roommate named Kip.

Even when Joey moved out of the apartment – owing to his success on Day Of Our Lives, this Friends character was never alone in the flat across from Monica’s. He then had the weird Eddie as his roomie until Joey returned. After making his relationship with Monica public, he moved in with her as they decided to take the next step in their relationship.

Joey Tribbiani

After Chandler, the other friend to live in this apartment was Joey Tribbiani. Do you know how Joey even came to be Chandler roommate? Well, after Kip left, Mr Bing began to interview potential roommates and zeroed in on a fashion photographer named Eric to move in before even meeting Mr Tribbiani. However, Mr Heckles – you know the guy who’s always messing with the group, convinced Eric that he was Chandler’s new roomie and Eric left. With no other option left, Chandler bring Joey into his apartment.

Joey leaves the apartment after he tastes success on Day Of Our Lives and begins living on his own. But after he ‘said too much’ during an interview, his character on the show gets killed off, leaving him unemployed and in debt making him return to Chandler’s apartment and lives there until the end of Friends.

Rachel Green

After these boys, the Friends character to stay the longest in Chandler and Joey’s apartment is Rachel Green. She stays here in three instalments. The first of these is when she and Monica bet their apartment in a quiz about knowing the guys better than they know them. The high school friends move back to their apartment in a matter of days by letting the guys see them make out.

Rachel’s second time living in this apartment was after Pheobe’s place burns down due to her faulty straightener. Her third and final stay at Chandler and Joey’s apartment is when she’s pregnant with Ross’ baby. Joey, who at the time had a huge crush on her, originally suggested she live with Ross so he could be present in raising the baby, but soon lets Rachel move in following her heated argument with Ross. She continues living in this apartment till even after Emma is born.

Ross Geller

After moving out of his apartment in season 5, to fix his relationship with Emily, Ross has no other place to crash when their marriage was finally over. After losing his apartment in the bargain – which belonged to Emily’s cousin and he didn’t sign a lease, he moved in with Chandler and Joey. After having it with his annoying habits, they force him out but also help him find new accommodation aka the Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment. After getting the lease to this place, this Friends character moves out of Chandler and Joey’s apartment

Monica Geller

Monica had a relatively short stay in Chandler and Joey’s apartment. When? Well, when she and Rachel bet their apartment and lost it to the guys as they knew them better than the girls knowing them. With their 1000 IQ scheme, the high schoolmates were soon able to switch back to their home.

Phoebe Buffay

Wondering when she moved in with the guys? Well, it was when her apartment burned down and she and Rachel were forced to find accommodation elsewhere. At the start when she believes that the fire was caused due to the incense sticks she lights she moves in with Joey but moves across the hall when Rachel is found to be the cause of the problem.

Did you know all these FRIENDS characters resided in Chandler and Joey’s apartment? Which of their stays was the funniest? Let us know in the comments below.

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