You Will Be Stunned To See Jennifer Aniston's Creepy Interview With David Letterman As He Tried To Kiss Her
Jennifer Aniston’s Creepy Throwback Interview With David Letterman Will Make You Say, Whatttt?(Photo Credit – Getty Images)

There have been many interviews in the past that tend to make the celebrities uncomfortable either by the interviewer’s behaviour or with the questions they ask. There are not one but many examples. One such creepy interview was that of Jennifer Aniston, taken by David Letterman in 1998. He made the actress so uncomfortable that she literally screamed in shock.


Even fans were left disgusted with the behaviour of the host of Late Show With David Letterman. Keep scrolling further to know everything about his creepy behaviour.


Jennifer Aniston was there to promote her film The Object Of My Affection. During her chat with the host David Letterman, things got incessantly weird. While talking about odd fan encounters, Aniston revealed how two women bombarded her at her gym’s steam room which prompted David to suggestively ask, “Are you naked?” While taking it sportingly at first, Letterman’s constant quips left Jennifer to grow more uncomfortable as the seconds went by.

However, the awkwardness rose to another level when David Letterman, out of nowhere, just got up and came ahead to kiss Jennifer Aniston’s neck. Well, mind you, this was without her consent, and obviously, the actress screamed in shock at this behaviour.

To make matters worse, Letterman takes a few strands of Aniston’s hair and proceeds to suck on it. While the audience is left puzzled, no one is more stumped than Jennifer herself, who tries to salvage the situation by wiping the talk show host’s spit off her hair and putting it in her pocket, laughing it off.

Just when you think the nightmare of an interview is finally over, David Letterman mock yelled about how Jennifer Aniston scared him by screaming and ruined it for him while the actress apologised instead. You can check out the entire interview below:

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