Tom Hardy's Aggressive Behaviour Made Mad Max: Fury Road Star Charlize Theron Feel Unsafe
Charlize Theron Once Shouted ‘F*cking C*nt’ At Tom Hardy Reveals New Mad Max: Fury Road Book ( Photo Credit – Tom Hardy / Wikimedia; Charlize Theron / Instagram; Poster from Mad Max: Fury Road )

There are a lot of things for which Tom Hardy is famous, including his aggressive behaviour. It’s no secret that the actor had a chilly relationship with his Mad Max: Fury Road co-star Charlie Theron. Now, new details regarding the bad blood between the two actors have been revealed in a new.


It was recently also revealed that George Miller, helmer of the highly-acclaimed movie, was interested in several actors for the titular role and other parts. Eminem, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Rihanna are just a few of the many who were mentioned by the team. It is also said that the Umbrella singer also gave an audition.


According to Vanity Fair, the new book Blood, Sweat & Chrome: The Wild And True Story Of Mad Max: Fury Road, written by Kyle Buchanan, reveals surprising details about the strained working relationship of Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy. “I don’t want to make excuses for bad behaviour, but it was a tough shoot,” Theron said in the book. The film’s camera operator, Mark Goellnicht, shared an altercation between the two actors, which ended up with Theron shouting, “f*king c*nt.”

Tom Hardy, who was always late, once made Charlize Theron wait for three hours while shooting Mad Max: Fury Road. The actress, who was particular about the time, arrived at 8 am sharp while Hardy came in at 11 am. “She jumps out of the War Rig, and she starts swearing her head off at him, saying, ‘Fine the f**king c*** a hundred thousand dollars for every minute that he’s held up this crew,’ and ‘How disrespectful you are!'” Mark said.

The camera operator further added that Hardy had an aggressive behaviour on sets and that Theron felt unsafe and threatened, so much so that she requested protection and had a producer assigned to be with her all the time.

Though Mad Max: Fury Road was a box office disappointment, it received a positive response from critics and audiences alike. Fans loved the chemistry between Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron’s character.

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