Channing Tatum Once Claimed He Would Go Harder If Stripping Against Jennifer Lopez
Channing Tatum Once Claimed He Would Go Harder If Stripping Against Jennifer Lopez(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Channing Tatum gave one of his career-best roles with the Magic Mike franchise, where he portrayed the role of a stripper. The actor on similar lines once claimed that he was a better stripper than Jennifer Lopez after the latter’s movie Hustlers released in 2019 earning Lopez a Golden Globe nomination. Tatum, in one of his earlier interviews, claimed that he would go harder if he was stripping against her. Scroll down to know the details.

Apart from the Magic Mike franchise, Channing Tatum is best known for his movies like Logan Lucky, Step Up, The Lost City and The Vow, among a few others. Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, balances all with her music, movies, TV shows and entrepreneurship.

Speaking of Channing Tatum’s claims, according to Indie Wire, the actor claimed that his stripping skills were any day better than Jennifer Lopez’s. When asked who would win if there was a face-off between him and Lopez, the actor shared, “Am I a better stripper than her? I’m gonna say, yeah. I would go harder if I was stripping against her.” Tatum continued, “I’m just saying, I’m gonna take it to JLo’s front door.” He further stated, “You’ve got to go hard if you’re going to go against the JLo. Man, I don’t know if I’m going to win, but I like my chances, depending on who the audience is.”

For the unversed, Channing Tatum and Jennifer Lopez started their career in Hollywood as background dancers. “Unfortunately, we made like $60 a night, $100 on a good night,” recalled Tatum said of while comparing it to Lopez’s cash-rich portrayal in Hustlers.

The actor, in the same interview, also spoke about how he was also better than his Magic Mike co-star Joe Manganiello. “We’re different, different classes of strippers,” said Channing Tatum.

The actor further shared, “When you look in the dictionary next to like the perfect specimen of a man, probably Joe Manganiello is one of those bodies that pops up because he’s just, he’s kind of weirdly flawless. But, as far as stripping goes, I would put myself above him, dance-wise.”

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