When Angelina Jolie Was Brutally Trolled For Flaunting Her Long Legs On Red Carpet – PAST TENSE(D)
When Angelina Jolie Was Brutally Trolled For Flaunting Her Long Legs On Red Carpet (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Angelina Jolie has been a true red carpet queen. She made a super bold choice during her appearance at the Oscars 2012. The beauty appeared at the red carpet with boyfriend Brad Pitt. Jaws were left dropped when people noticed her revealing outfit. It created a hell lot of stir. That’s what our Past Tense(d) for the day is!


If one remembers, Angelina opted for a thigh-high slit. She turned heads as she flaunted her long legs at the red carpet. The outfit was a strapless black Atelier Versace gown. It was way ahead of its time, and as expected, the viewers did not take it very well.


Minutes within the appearance, Angelina Jolie’s revealing pictures were viral all across the social media. The thousands of pictures even led to the formation of a Twitter account titled, @AngiesRightLeg.

Back then, Angelina Jolie was brutally trolled. From the limb having its own Twitter account to memes regarding Brad Pitt’s reaction – all of it wasn’t too pleasing. Amid the Oscars 2012, discussions, the Maleficent actress and her right leg was a trending topic in its own.

First off, check out the most talked-about appearance below:

Angelina Jolie/ Getty Images
Angelina Jolie/ Getty Images

Years after, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife came out in the open and gave a befitting reply to trolls. While talking about the infamous appearance, Angelina Jolie in a conversation with People also revealed that she had a far more complicated dress!

She said, “I had a more complicated dress and I wore the more comfortable dress, which was that one, and I think I was just so comfortable that… I think when you feel comfortable when you feel yourself — which is very much the theme of the film, and we know this in life — you embrace it. And sometimes, maybe it appears to be a thing, I don’t know.”

Well clearly, for the nth time, Angelina Jolie had zero f**ks to give and it’s what we love the most about her!

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