Singer Katy Perry was reportedly scared out of her wits when she claimed to have seen a ghost in her dressing room.


The 28-year-old was getting ready in her dressing room to shoot for an advertisement for her latest perfume. The shot was being taken at an old French chateau-style mansion in Hollywood, and she claimed to have seen a moustached, well-built man in the mirror, staring at her.

“Katy freaked out in her dressing room. She was on her own and spotted the ghostly figure of a man with a moustache staring at her in the mirror,” quoted a source as saying.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry

“She let out an almighty scream and fled her room in horror,” the source added.

She only calmed down after the director of the advertisement comforted her by saying that she will not be left alone.

“He took her aside and soothed her by saying they’d cover every mirror and keep a security guard by her side,” the source said.




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