Toy Story 3 Director REVEALS That The Toys Could Actually Die & The Kid In Us Is Sobbing
Toy Story 3 Director REVEALS That The Toys Could Actually Die & The Kid In Us Is Sobbing

Did you know that toys can die in the Toy Story universe? Wondering, why are we saying this? Well, the director of Toy Story 3, Lee Unkrich, reveals that Woody, Buzz and other toys in the Toy Story universe can indeed die.


The first Toy Story came out in 1995, which gave Pixar it’s identity, and Toy Story became one of the highest-grossing films of the year. The sequel, which came out in 1999 proved to be another success for the studio. Fans had to wait for many years before the release of its third instalment. But, it was worth the wait.


The idea of having toys come to life when humans are not around was unique for its time, and hence Toy Story movies are some of Pixar’s most famous films. There have been debates over the years if toys are actually immortal since they clearly don’t age.

Recently, a fan asked Unkrich to settle a debate between him and his girlfriend regarding the death of the toys from the film, to which the director responded, and we cannot stop thinking about his tweet. Check out Lee’s tweet below:

In Toy Story 4, we saw toys creating life, which stirred another unanswered question, can toys create life? Josh Cooley, the director of Toy Story 4, tried to explain this mystery by claiming that the love and care of a child can create life in the film’s universe.

Overall, Unkrich’s explanation makes a lot of sense. He is referring to the climax of Toy Story 3 when he mentions the incinerator, something that would have destroyed the toys had the Aliens not saved them. This scene proved to be one of the most emotional scenes in the entire franchise, with fans briefly believing that Pixar might kill off the beloved characters to end the franchise.

Well, we believe that to enjoy the film we do not really need to know the truth behind life and death. Do you agree?

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