Marvel Studios To Rope In Tom Hanks As A MCU Villain 'Doctor Doom'?
Tom Hanks In Talks To Enter The Marvel Cinematic Universe As A Villain?(Photo Credit –wikimedia/Poster From Movie)

American actor Tom Hanks is one of the most celebrated stars in Hollywood. He is known for both his comedic and dramatic roles. But it seems the actor is keen to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe now and fans are equally eager to see him in it. But what role will he be playing? Scroll down to know.

Over a year ago, reports revealed that the Forrest Gump actor was in talks to finally appear in the MCU film. At that time reports weren’t confirmed. However, the latest report confirms that the actor is entering the universe as a villain and shared some interesting details.

As per Giant Freaking Robot, Marvel Studios is trying to rope in Tom Hanks in the MCU to portray Victor von Doom aka Doctor Doom. It is a popular villainous character in comic books but has not yet been fully brought into the MCU.

With Avengers: Secret Wars set to happen, Doom will need to be cast soon. Moreover, there is also the upcoming Fantastic Four movie to think about, which is more than likely going to involve Doctor Doom.

Tom Hanks would certainly need to come on board to portray a significant Marvel villain, and Doom might be one of the most significant. Another interesting idea would be that Hanks might be someone like Apocalypse. The mutants are starting to come into prominence in the MCU, and Apocalypse is the biggest threat to the X-Men.

While it is not yet confirmed that the Robert Langdon actor will be playing Doctor Doom, it is almost certain that he will be playing the role of a Marvel Villain. That being said, another possible character he could play is Mister Sinister, who is also one of the bigger villains for the X-Men, which has not yet been shown in live-action.

Apart from this, Tom Hanks could also play Nathaniel Richards, the father of Reed Richards and is more obsessed with science than being a good father. Well, there’re a lot of possible villain characters to play for him but it would be interesting to see what makes it to the final cut.

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