Tobey Maguire, who is globally renowned for playing Peter Parker aka Spiderman, is back on the big screen to portray legendary chess champion Bobby Fischer. The actor is also very popular for portraying complex characters such as in the movie “Seabiscuit”.


The movie titles “Pawn Sacrifice”, the movie is based on Bobby Fischer’s match-up with the famous Russian chess player Boris Spassky.

Legendary chess champion Bobby Fischer and Tobey Maguire
Legendary chess champion Bobby Fischer and Tobey Maguire

Directed by Edward M. Zwick of “Legends of the Fall” and “Blood Diamond” fame, who is well known for his in-depth and detailed portrayal of complex characters and social issues, “Pawn Sacrifice” is set in the Cold War era.

Considered as two of the greatest players ever in the history of chess, the duel between Fischer and Spassky is part of chess folklore.

The movie features Liev Schreiber (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine“) as Boris Spassky. The movie is all set to release in India on September 18 by PVR Pictures.




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