Kate Winslet Reveals Her Scary Dream About COVID-19 Vaccination
Kate Winslet Opens Up About Her ‘Really Scary’ COVID-19 Vaccination (Photo Credit: Koimoi)

Kate Winslet, who many of us still remember as Rose DeWitt Bukater from James Cameron’s Titanic, recently suffered anxiety and the reason for the same is something you won’t believe. Well, the Contagion actress revealed she had a scary dream about her COVID-19 vaccination. And this, in turn, was anxious making.

While talking about her dream, the ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ actress also revealed it is a huge relief that her father received his first vaccination dose. Read it all below.

During an appearance on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast, Kate Winslet said that she had a dream wherein her COVID-19 vaccination did not work correctly. Talking about it, she said, “I did dream that I got vaccinated and that it didn’t work.”

Kate Winslet elaborated about her dream in the Thursday, January 14 episode of his podcast. She revealed, “I dreamt that they had done the vaccination, the needle had gone into my arm but only half of the vial had gone in and they had taken the needle out and the liquid was squirting all over me and all over the floor, and then no one seemed to know how to cope with it, what to do.”

Adding further, she said, “They couldn’t work whether they should re-vaccinate me just half a vial, whether they should just discount that one and do the whole thing all over again.” The Oscar winner added, “It was very anxious making because nobody knew what the protocol was and that’s what I found really scary.”

Although she has such a scary and anxiety-filled dream about her COVID-19 vaccination, Kate Winslet revealed she is happy her father, Roger Winslet has received his first dose. She said, “My father has had his vaccination, he’s 81, that feels like a huge relief.” She added, “He’s had his first dose… We will all just have to wait our turn.”

Have any of you has such a familiar dream? Share with us in the comments below.

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