The Tomorrow War: Generation Alien, Saving Tomorrow, Destiny War - Chris Pratt Once Revealed The Potential Titles Of His First Production
The Tomorrow War: Here’s The Ones Chris Pratt Revealed ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Chris McKay’s The Tomorrow War, starring Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, J. K. Simmons, Betty Gilpin and more, released recently and is currently being watched by many across the globe. Released on OTT giant Amazon Prime Video, the film has received mixed reviews from critics, praising the action, performances and concept.


While the film is trending, we decided to give you a little trivia about it. Did you know the makers went through several – almost 20 – titles before zeroing in on this one? Well, read on to know which they were and if you agree this was the most apt for the military science fiction action drama.


In an Instagram post shared on November 9, 2019, Chris Pratt spoke about The Tomorrow War and the numerous titles they went through before they were happy. He posted, “This is my first time executive producing on a movie! And I can finally post about it!!! The title “Ghostdraft,” turned out to be problematic for various reasons so we started looking at other options…”

Talking about the titles they went through, Chris Pratt added, “We went through: Generation Alien, World War A, Generation Gone, Saving private Ryaalien, WWZ2 but with As not Zs, HORIZON WHITESPIKE, HERO movie brought to you by Verizon, JUrassic Draft, GENERATION Draft, Miller genuine Draft, City Slickers, Alien Dawn, Rapture Dawn, Apocalypse Dawn, Hero Dawn, Destiny war, Saving tomorrow, The Tomorrow War”

He added, “And that’s when it hit me…. We’re calling it #TheTomorrowWar.” Check out his old post here:

In fact, fans had shared their views too on how the final title Chris Pratt and team zeroed in on. While some said, “That’s a great name!!!,” another like “Saving tomorrow” while a third wrote “GenerationALL”

What are your thoughts on the rejected titled? Also, do read our review of The Tomorrow War here.

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