Dave Franco On His Debut Film The Rental: The Movie Has Nothing To Do With Me And My Brother
The Rental: Dave Franco Is Disheartened For Missing An Opportunity To Showcase The Film At Movie Festivals Amid Pandemic (Photo Credit – Facebook/ Dave Franco)

Releasing a movie during the ongoing pandemic is something filmmakers aren’t happy about. While during the initial days of the lockdown not many projects were released but now quite a few projects are seeing the light of day via OTT platforms. Now, first-time filmmaker Dave Franco is all set for the release of his film ‘The Rental’ digitally. The film opens digitally from IFC Films on July 24. It premiered in June at the Vineland Drive-In outside Los Angeles.


The screen actor turned feature director has made his low-budget horror movie with an indie dream team. This team includes his wife Alison Brie, Dan Stevens, and Sheila Vand. During a recent interview, Dave Franco said, “We’re obviously living in a new world, and everyone is finding different ways to release their films.” He also spoke about the film’s sibling rivalry and the relationship with his own brother as well as the film not having a festive run.


“It’s not exactly what I imagined for the person public screening of my film, but in certain ways, it was better. Most premieres make me feel anxious, and this one just felt more relaxed, and like a communal experience. It was essentially a bunch of movie lovers coming together to have joint experience,” said Dave Franco.

Talking about the film’s festive run the filmmaker said, “With the timing of the edit and the pandemic happening, we actually never had the opportunity to even submit to any festivals.” Dave Franco continued, “At first, I was a little disheartened by that because I had this idea in my head of doing a festival run and traveling all over the country with my wife. But actually we’re going to be playing in more theaters than we originally had planned.”

One of the major plot points in The Rental is an intense rivalry between brothers that it makes you wonder if Dave Franco hates his brother? Said Franco, “The movie has nothing to do with me and my brother [James Franco].” He continued, “One of my friends recently watched the film and he pointed out something I didn’t even really realize, which is in the very first scene. There’s a moment where the younger brother [White] is essentially trying to get the approval of his older brother [Stevens], but at the same time he doesn’t really want it. He doesn’t know how to even bring certain things up to his brother without feeling insecure, and that’s more of a reflection of our relationship. Maybe 10 years ago, when he looked at me as a baby bro, as opposed to now here he finally sees me as a real person who is equal.”

In The Rental, two couples retreat to an oceanside getaway hoping to escape their problems but are met with many more when they discover that the host of their Airbnb might be spying on them. What should have been a weekend of celebration takes sinister turns as buried secrets among the four old friends come crashing down. The Rental is co-written by Dave and indie mainstay Joe Swanberg.

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