Michael Keaton Confirmed To Reprise Batman In The Flash
Michael Keaton Has Said Yes To The Flash, To Play Batman After 30 Years ( Photo Credit – Getty images / Michael Keaton / Ben Affleck ; IMDb / Ezra Miller )

More than when and how will The Flash hit the big screens, the bigger mystery for the longest time was whether Michael Keaton is reprising Batman or not. The actor was in active conversation with DC over his return to the universe as the Cape Crusader after decades. But, the situation was dicey, and the actor himself has said that the probability of him taking over the job is less.

While the actor was covered with projects and was not ready for health risk referring to the pandemic, and how it is active in the country The Flash is being shot in. The film went on floors yesterday, and the biggest question was if Michael has given a nod or not. To end all the curiosity, Keaton has joined the cast and yes, he is reprising his version of The Batman. Below is everything you need to know and also the reps confirming the news.



It is a well-known fact by now, that The Flash is a small reunion of Cape Crusaders, and there is a lot of anticipation regarding the biggest of the stars coming on board. Ben Affleck is already ready with his suit on. In this case, Michael Keaton giving a final nod has only elevated the buzz of the Ezra Miller movie that went on floors yesterday. Director Andrés Muschietti announced the commencement on Instagram.

As per The Wrap, Michael Keaton’s rep ICM partners have confirmed that the actor has said yes to reprise Batman after 3 decades. The actor will be joining Ezra Miller and Ben Affleck’s The Flash soon. The report says that the makers have considered his concern about the pandemic. Now Keaton will join the team in London soon to begin the shoot.

For the unversed, Michael Keaton entered Gotham and became the Dark Knight in Tim Burton’s 1989 movie, returning with the director for 1992’s Batman Returns. It has been almost 30 years since then. There are also reports that DC is eying him for a Batman Beyond film. It is a day of good news indeed.

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