The Boys Season 2: Here's How Homelander Will Blow Away Your Minds In Episode 7
The Boys Season 2: Here’s How Homelander Will Blow Away Your Minds In Episode 7

The teaser of the penultimate episode of Amazon Original Series “The Boys” sees the tension dial up even further as we gear up for the last two episodes.

The Ep 7 sees Hughie all riled up as Starlight is ratted out as a traitor in front of huge audience and seems to be locked up by Vought. Hughie is desperately trying to rescue her at any cost but it’s an extremely risky gambit. On the other side in The Boys, we see Homelander introducing Stormfront to his son Ryan wishfully hoping them to be a happy family.

The even more intense, more insane The Boys season two finds an old friend Jonah Vogelbaum that we all thought was dead return. “What was he like?” Butcher asks the retired Vought scientist about Homelander. He describes the terrifying psychopath as a sweet boy! Seems like the world is turning upside down in this week’s episode.

Stay tuned for The Boys Season 2 ep 7 that drops on 2nd October followed by the trailblazer finale next Friday on 9th October only on Amazon Prime Video.

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