The Batman Fans React To A New Mural Joking About Iron Man Being Better Than The DC Hero
The Batman Mural Jokes About Iron Man Being Better Than The DC Hero(Pic Credit: IMDb)

The Batman vs Iron Man debate has been one of the longest-running and has the fans from both sides arguing about who is better. As the upcoming film on the Dark Knight, featuring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, is just around the corner for its theatrical release, the revival has once again been ignited.


There are several similarities between the DC and Marvel characters. Though both of them fall under the superhero category, they actually don’t have any superpowers. Instead, Wayne and Tony Stark derive their strength from armoured suits they have built, along with other fancy gadgets. Also, both of them are filthy rich!

Even though The Batman and Iron Man share similarities, fans have always been arguing on who is better. Now there is a mural, which seemingly tells the former superhero as being inferior to the latter. What looks like a crazy marketing scheme to promote the upcoming Robert Pattinson starrer, has made the fans react to it and open the discussion once again.


The mural reads, “The world’s #1 smartest, multi-billionaire superhero orphan who fights crime without superpowers… is Tony Stark. Watch the second-place runner-up in cinemas March 3.” Fans took to Twitter to react to The Batman and Iron Man mural.

The Dark Knight fanatics came to the rescue of the hero while reacting to the mural and defended the character.

While the Stark fans also voiced their opinions.

As per one report, the ad is said to be on the side of New Farm Cinemas in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is commissioned by the cinema hall as a way to promote the new Robert Pattinson-led Caped Crusader film.

It was also recently revealed that the pre-bookings of the tickets will go live on 2nd February. What is your take, on the whole, the Batman vs Iron Man debate? Who do you think would win in a fight?

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