Tenet: Is Christopher Nolan's Latest Film A Sequel To Inception? Check Out The Fan Theory
Tenet: Is Christopher Nolan’s Latest Film A Sequel To Inception? Check Out This Fan Theory

Christopher Nolan’s films have a separate fan base. Be it The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar, or any of his films, the filmmaker who is known to grip his audience like no one else. Those who love the Nolan cinema know that his films are not made for a one-time watch. You can watch Christopher Nolan’s films hundreds of times and still came out finding something new which you didn’t notice before. That’s Christopher Nolan for you!

Nolan is now coming with his much-awaited film Tenet and it’s less than two months away from release. The second trailer of the film dropped recently and it was loved by the audience. The “time inverse” thing which Nolan has shown in the trailer is making everyone damn excited and they can’t wait to witness it on big screens.



Meanwhile, there is a fan theory doing rounds on the Reddit which says that Tenet may be a secret sequel of his 2010 film Inception. The sci-fi film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, and others was based on the manipulation of dreams and planting our ideas in someone else’s mind as if they are their own. Just like Tenet, it was also a mission-based film but there are fans who have found more similarities between both movies.

A fan with Reddit username GreenArcherr says, “The teaser opens with a shot of John Washington’s character walking past a window with gunshot holes. Then the following words appear on screen:

“Time has come for a new protagonist” “Time has come for a new kind of mission”
These lines give me the implication that there has been a previous protagonist and mission in this story. This, for me, screams Inception, given that Inception’s plot revolves around a big heist mission. Also the font used for the letters is the same as the one used for both The Dark Knight trilogy and Inception. And lastly, the fact that it is being described as an Event film leads me to speculate that there has to be something about this movie that will shock us, and i think this is it.”

Another fan with username blessedarethegeek said commented on the same thread, “And the word “time” is repeated twice in a slightly unusual way, I think. Makes it sound like part of the story itself. Time travel, as you said, or something else. Especially with “Time Has Come” being on its own line twice.”

Well, everything will be right in front of our eyes as the film releases in cinemas on July 17. But let us know, What are your thoughts on this?

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