Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Taylor's Version) takes over Disney Plus! Should You Watch It Or Skip It?
Taylor Swift: The Era’s Tour (Taylor’s Version) Is Streaming Now On Disney Plus. ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Taylor Swift‘s ongoing tour, famously called ‘The Eras Tour,’ has been a global phenomenon and continues to be so. The concert film, titled ‘Taylor Swift: The Era’s Tour (Taylor’s Version), is all set to make its digital debut on Disney Plus. The movie is the highest-grossing concert film of all time, minting $261 Million USD in Box Office collections.

The Eras Tour is Taylor’s career up till now sewn together in a beautiful showcase, taking one on the journey from her country days right to her peak pop-princess hits while highlighting why she is the globally loved songstress that she is. “If you have even been on the internet for just five minute in the last year, you would have heard or seen the name Taylor Swift or the Era’s Tour everywhere.

From A-list Hollywood stars like Emma Stone, Adam Sandler, Channing Tatum, Blake Lively, Austin Butler, and so many more showing up for 14-time Grammy winner’s biggest Shows yet to Beyonce showing up at the concert film’s premiere, it has been all anyone could talk about.

So, now that the highly anticipated concert film is all set to stream digitally, Should you watch it or skip it? Read To Find Out!

When is Taylor Swift: The Era’s Tour Releasing?

Taylor Swift: The Era’s Tour (Taylor’s Version) is now streaming on Disney Plus. Initially scheduled for a release on March 15, the superstar decided to surprise the fans by dropping it a day earlier on March 14 at 6:00 PM E.T. The mega concert has a runtime of almost three and a half hours, taking a deep musical dive into her alluring career, spanning ten studio albums. This is an extended film cut with new additional tracks and never-before-seen live performances.

Watch The Trailer Here:

Bonus Tracks and Most Anticipated Songs

The concert film was first digitally available to rent in December of last year, and three additional tracks were included in this digital version: “Wildest Dreams,” “The Archer,” and “Long Live,” which gave the already extensive setlist an extra distinctive touch. The Disney Plus version extends the already enthralling setlist with more additions and bonus tracks.

The 34-year-old songstress took to her Instagram to share the details with the announcement; she wrote, “For the first time, we’ll be showing the entire concert (including “cardigan,” plus four additional songs from the acoustic section!!) and I’m calling it, a huge shock, “Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version).”

The film now seems complete, adding the most anticipated songs, like Cardigan, ‘Maroon,’ ‘Death by a Thousand Cuts,’ ‘You Are in Love (Taylor’s Version), and ‘I Can See You’. Four songs were added to the acoustic set, helping end the electrifying and high-octane show with a sense of calmness and feel-good moments.

After a monumental win, the singer-songwriter also announced her eleventh Studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, at the Grammys. The album will be released worldwide on April 19.

Should You Watch or Skip it?

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest pop stars globally, having achieved numerous critical and commercial successes. This concert film showcases her ability to put on arguably one of the best pieces of a live concert, a three-hour-long spectacle, while still bringing in elements of surprise.

She pays homage to her former eras; her evolving musical and life experiences come through in every bit. The concert film is a musical treat and a visual one. The set list takes you on a journey and makes you aware of what Taylor can make you feel. It makes you love her, feel the heartbreak, and marvel at her global pop stardom.

Taylor Swift: The Era’s Tour is a treat to watch, not just for Swifties worldwide but also for any appreciator of music and pop music, particularly for its sheer ability to put on a show of a lifetime.

So, in our opinion, you should watch Taylor Swift: The Era’s Tour (Taylor’s Version)!

Did you watch The Era’s Tour concert film yet? Let Us Know!

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