Taylor Swift Got Kanye West Kicked Out Of Superbowl 2024?
Did Taylor Swift Get Kanye West Kicked Out Of Superbowl 2024?(Photo Credit –Instagram/YouTube)

The bad blood between Kanye West and Taylor Swift continues. It all began at the 2016 VMAs when Ye interrupted her Best Video speech and said she created Beyonce one of the best videos ever. They seemed to resolve their issue until he termed her a b*tch in his 2016 track, Famous. Latest reports now suggest Tay threw him out of Super Bowl 2024, and below are all the details you need!

Whether Taylor will make it on time to attend the Super Bowl 2024 was this season’s biggest question. Her presence, along with Blake Lively and other friends, was enough to break all the past viewership records. Fans were in awe to witness her lovey-dovey celebrations with boyfriend and Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce. Fans considered this a double victory, but did you know Kanye planned to stir a controversy?

Brandon Marshall makes wild claims about Taylor Swift and Kanye West

Former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall has claimed that Taylor Swift got Kanye West kicked out of Super Bowl 2024. On the podcast Paper Route on Tuesday, he revealed, “More tea… so Kanye West pulls up to Super Bowl. Kanye West buys a ticket right in front of Taylor Swift’s booth, so any time they were going to be showing [Taylor Swift], Kanye’s face was going to be there.”

Brandon Marshall adds, “He had a mask on… typical Kanye. So Taylor Swift gets pissed off. She, boom boom, makes a call or two, everybody’s involved,” Marshall, who played in the league from 2006-2018, added. “[Kanye] gets kicked out of the stadium… Hot tea, hot tea… He was trying to leverage her celebrity to make some… so you gotta go back to their beef.”

Netizens did not believe Brandon’s “tea”

Netizens were in disbelief and said the story didn’t add up.

A user wrote, “Does she even have the power to do that to another successful paying customer?? This story better be untrue.”

Another commented, “This didn’t happen so much that in unhappened things that had already happened. Kanye posted a bunch of stuff of him at the game lol”

A viewer reacted, “Exclusive lies lol”

“Bro over 70000 people went to the Super Bowl and yet you were the only one that saw this happen? You sure you didn’t dream about this shit?” wrote another.

Take a look at the viral video below:

Kanye West’s latest dig at Taylor Swift

Well, it would be safe to say Kanye West leaves no stone unturned to poke Taylor Swift. He recently dropped a new track, Carnival, from his album Vultures and name-dropped the Lover singer. The lyrics went, “Why she say she sucked my d–k / Then she say she ain’t sucked my d–k / She gon’ take it up the a– like a ventriloquist / I made six Taylor Swift since I had the Rollie on the wrist.”

His latest stint obviously did not go well with Swifties, who severely backlashed him and claimed he was using Tay to stay relevant.

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