Sean Connery’s Pistol Used In First James Bond Movie Avuctioned, Sold For A Whopping $256,000 (Pic credit: Movie Still)
Sean Connery’s Pistol From First James Bond Movie Auctioned For $256,000(Pic credit: Movie Still)

Who doesn’t remember Sean Connery? The man who was in the first-ever James Bond movie –1962 classic, Dr. No. Well, there is no doubt that the actor became quite popular after the movie. But there was something else too that became as popular like him, and that is the actor’s pistol. And with what we hear, that pistol is sold.


The legendary actor, who starred in seven Bond films between 1962 and 1983, was seen wielding the weapon as he made his debut as the suave 007. But, are you wondering who owns the pistol now? Then continue reading further.


According to reports in The Daily Mail, the pistol used by the late Sir Sean Connery in the first-ever James Bond movie – the 1962 classic Dr. No – has sold at auction for $256,000 (£190,000). Weeks after his October 31st death at the age of 90, Julien’s Auctions put the iconic prop under the hammer as part of its Icons & Idols: Trilogy sale this week.

The semi-automatic Walther PP gun, which was identified in the movie as a PPK, was put forward for auction by the previous owner, film producer and prop collector Dan Lanigan, two weeks prior to Sean Connery’s death.

He told Variety of the pistol, which he acquired from original prop armoury supplier Bapty in the UK, “I picked this amazing piece 15 years ago when I was relatively early in my collecting.”

He spoke about his motivation to now sell the Sean Connery gun, which is no longer an active firearm, “My collecting has changed, and so have my interests [over the years]. It needs to find another home and be with someone who gives it the love it deserves.”

Lanigan added of the timing of the auction, “I don’t want to profit off his death, and I got nervous about it, but the auction house said this stuff happens all the time. I felt weird about it and considered pulling it at one point.”

Also included in the sale were one of the fighter pilot helmets used by Tom Cruise in the 1980 classic Top Gun, which was snapped up for $108,000 (£80,000), and a hoverboard from 1989’s Back To The Future Part II for $10,625 (£7,900).

The two-day auction, which concludes on Friday, was broken up into three parts, with items from some of the world’s biggest musicians going under the hammer, while props from several classic films like Sean Connery’s James Bond were the focus the following day.

What are your thoughts on this auction?

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